Real Fado apresenta Concerto com Fados de Lisboa e Coimbra

E alivia medidas de contenção da pandemia

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  • Projeto presents a new concert, joining Fado de Lisboa to Canção de Coimbra, premiering this week
  • Concerts on Wednesdays at the Embassy (8 pm-9 pm) and on Fridays at the Patricarcal Reservoir (7 pm-8 pm)
  • Measures to contain the pandemic were also eased

Real Fado has just presented a new concert inspired by the meeting between Fado de Lisboa and Canção de Coimbra and announced the relief of security measures.

This concert, which brings together artists from Lisbon and Coimbra, will be part of the Real Fado program and will begin to integrate the program of performances, with the first concert scheduled for this Wednesday, October 20th at the EmbaiXada, between 20:00 and at 9 pm, with the presence of fado singers Beatriz Felício and Nuno Silva and musicians Pedro de Castro on Guitarra Portuguesa and Ni Ferreirinha on Viola de Fado.

Throughout this month of October, it will also be possible to watch the concerts of “Fado e Samba”, with Zé Maria Souto Moura and Nani Medeiros, on October 22nd at the Patriarcal Reservoir, and the “Fado e Cante Alentejano”, on the 27th of october at the embassy with Buba Espinho, Luís Trigacheiro and Luís Espinho.

In line with the national plan for deconfinement, the organization of Real Fado also reformulated its security measures during the shows, returning to 100% capacity. The use of a protective mask is only required in concerts at the Patriarcal Reservoir (60 participants) due to the very specific characteristics of its interior. In concerts at the Embassy (70 attendances), conditions return to total normality.

Joana Esparteiro, Producer of Real Fado, comments that: “It is with great satisfaction that we are starting to return to the normal conditions of our concerts and seeing more and more visitors return to concerts. Real Fado concerts are acoustic and always have an intimate atmosphere without crowds, but I am happy to see that now there is more confidence from those who visit us to be in this environment and to enjoy the beautiful spaces where we perform authentic Fado concerts. This new phase also encourages us to think about new concepts for concerts and, if we were already joining Fado with Cante Alentejano, Opera and Samba, we have now decided to accede to the request of many spectators who asked us a lot to listen to Fado de Coimbra.

Real Fado concerts are the ideal way to end a day’s work and have a moment of relaxation. The Patriarcal Reservoir transports us to a special environment in an underground cistern with unique natural acoustics and the EmbaiXada, a 19th-century palace transformed into a Commercial Gallery, is home to this project that brings Fado from the more traditional neighbourhoods to the trendiest neighbourhood of the capital.

These concerts are also the perfect context for a pre-dinner program at a relaxed end of the day, which culminates in a pleasant meal in one of the many restaurants in the Príncipe Real district.

In addition to enjoying fado singers and the unique sound of the Portuguese guitar, you can also visit the EmbaiXada spaces, including the Atalho Real, Gin Lovers e Organii Cosmetics & Spa, Castelbel, Meamstyle, Latitid, Indústria, HLC, DOT, FV Concept Store, a Ecolã, Boa Safra, Slow Soaps, Casa Cabana, Chumeco, Benedita Formosinhoo and Isto. You can also discover the collections of Portuguese artists at Welcome to Art.”

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