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Portuguese director with film at Art+Film+Vienna, in one of the main cinemas in Austria

Henrique Vilão, director and multidisciplinary artist from Aveiro, has his most recent film “Plastik” in the official selection of Art+Film+Vienna, a film festival taking place in the Austrian capital from the 8th to the 12th of May.

In the director’s words, “I am naturally very moved by this selection. It is a festival dedicated to this very strong connection between cinema, video art and visual arts, which has a lot to do with my current practice. On the other hand, Being at a festival with this importance in the European artistic scene is a great privilege.”

Henrique Vilão < “Plastik”

Art+Film+Festival presents experiences with moving images on the threshold between Art and Cinema. It has events throughout the city of Vienna but is mainly centred on the oldest cinema in Austria, Breitenseer Lichtspiele, which dates back to 1905. This is the first edition of the festival which promises to become one of the main landmarks of cinema European.

The film “Plastik” by Henrique Vilão was selected for the “Language, Color, Music” section and will be screened on Saturday, May 11th, at 9 pm local time, in one of the main sessions of the Art+Film+Festival.

Henrique Vilão < “Plastik”

Henrique Vilão’s film was selected for this section because it fits, in the words of the festival organizers, into a “projection block that celebrates sound in dialogue with the bright colours of the projector with light fragments of narration. There will be analogue collages, dreamy songs, space poems and dances.”

“Plastik” proposes a sensorial and immersive experience through image, colour and sound, using materials made using analogue film as a base. The film is directed, edited and has sound design by Henrique Vilão.

Henrique Vilão

About Henrique Vilão

Henrique Vilão is a multidisciplinary artist, working mainly as a director, performer, video artist and experimental musician. He studied jazz at the Luiz Villas-Boas Jazz School / Hot Clube de Portugal and has a degree and master’s degree in Cinema from the University of Beira Interior, where he teaches in the areas of Sound and Experimental Cinema.

As a musician and audiovisual performer he has performed in various cultural spaces and festivals of music, sound art, and contemporary art in Portugal, especially with his solo project Zuhk and the audiovisual performance Khaori. His single-channel videos, video installations and short films have been shown in several national and international galleries, exhibitions and festivals.

In 2018 he won the Novas Vistas Lumiére Prize at the Mar Film Festival with the short film Espera. He composed soundtracks and did sound design for animation and fiction films, as well as for single-channel videos by other directors from countries such as Portugal, Poland, Germany and Australia, having received 2021 the Honorable Mention for Best Sound Design at the Independent Shorts Awards in Los Angeles for his work on the film Paint on paint #3, by Vasco Diogo and in 2023 the Best Sound Design Award at the New York Movie Awards, for his work on Old New Age by the same director.

He is also dedicated to making music videos for international bands or musicians,
his last collaboration with Ayanna Witter-Johnson, British singer and cellist, was shown and awarded at international festivals, with emphasis on the Athens Digital Art Festival in Greece, and for the Trailer in Motion Award – Best Music Video, International Competition, at Avanca Film Festival. In 2021, his work for the theme Un Peu de Temps, by the Swiss group Grand Pianoramax, was distinguished at the prestigious Solothurner Filmtage film festival as one of the five Swiss music videos of the year.

Presented at the European Heritage Days, in September 2021, the light and sound installation Atlas 2.0 – entropic reconnection, in the Atlas building in Aveiro, created for the Aveiro City Council, within the scope of the “Axio Cultural A25 – Creation Network” project and Programming” – strategic partnership for networked cultural programming, promoted by the Municipalities of Aveiro, Guarda and Viseu.

He worked on creating video, music and sound design for the show Avalanche (Companhia Jovem de Dança), by choreographer Bruno Alexandre, which premiered at 23 Milhas in November 2022. He also directed the video, as well as the sound design and music, for the show Spectrum, directed by Rui Pires and produced by ASTA – Teatro e Outra Artes.

Also noteworthy is his work with an emphasis on research areas linked to documentary, experimental cinema and video art, seeking to deepen the hybridity of languages that are linked to his training and experience, not only as a filmmaker and researcher but also as a multidisciplinary artist, musician and performer.

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