Recepies | SERRADURA – Portuguese Sawdust pudding recipe


– 400 ml Whipping cream
– 1 can of Condense milk
– 1 sheet of Gelatine (optional)
– 2 packs of plain Biscuits (I’m using Maria biscuits)

Step 1 :

First get a plastic bag, place the biscuits inside and pound them until they turn to very tiny crumbs.

You can also use a food processor if you have one.

Step 2 :

Now place your whipping cream on a big bowl and tip them until they look fluffy and have stiff peaks.

Step 4 :

Join in the condensed milk to the mixture and whisk it until it forms stiff peaks again.

Step 5 (optional) :

This step is optional. Using the gelatine will give a more “fluffy” consistency to your dessert. I already use very little, and if you do not use it at all it will also looks good and taste the same.

Put the gelatin sheet together with a tiny bit of water on a small pan and take it to a low simmer until the gelatine dissolves completely. And then add the liquid to your mixture and whisk a bit more.

Step 6 :

Grab a big glass bowl or small individual ones and start making layers. One layer of biscuit crumbs, one of cream. Another one of biscuits, another one of cream….

Leave a bit crumbs for the topping and that’s done! You just have to leave it in the fridge for 3 or 4 hours before you serve it.


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