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Remember who gave everything in Anónimos de Abril

Teatro Tivoli BBVA

We don’t always give due importance to those who fought for the freedom we have, many have already forgotten what the Portuguese didn’t have before the April Revolution, which celebrates 50 years on April 25th, this is what the songs of Rogério Charraz and Lyrics by José Fialho Gouveia gave us memories at the Tivoli concert.

“Anónimos de Abril” (“April Anonymous”) features music by Rogério Charraz and lyrics by José Fialho Gouveia, but there are many names that made this concert memorable, musical direction by pianist Júlio Resende who was joined by Joana Alegre, daughter of Manuel Alegre and João Afonso, nephew of José Afonso.

Yesterday, so many anonymous heroes of April were remembered, who are responsible for a revolution with nails, but who gave body and soul, to an idea, to a freedom that we sometimes take for granted.

Like Herculana Carvalho and Luiz Alves de Carvalho who visited their son in the Tarrafal penal colony, something unprecedented, and who there, photographed the prisoners and the graves of those already dead and who, back in Portugal, delivered these photographs to their respective families.

Branca Carvalho, who fought in hiding, leaving her family to become Mariana, whom they found a fictitious husband, who only returned to her mother’s house after the revolution.

Or even Francisco Sousa Mendes, grandson of consul Aristides Sousa Mendes, who on the 25th of April, was part of Salgueiro Maia’s column that left Santarém, and who escorted Marcello Caetano after the capture of the Carmo Convent.

The “Anónimos de Abril”, are songs and lyrics by Rogério Charraz and José Fialho Gouveia, which remember those who were forgotten and that their small or big actions also made the Revolution possible, the concert ended with “Grândola Vila Morena”, sung at the top of their lungs by everyone who was at Tivoli and on stage, in the company of the four honorees still alive on stage, Aurora Rodrigues, Branca Carvalho, Celeste Caeiro and Francisco Sousa Mendes.

Produced by UAU, which once again gives us a remarkable show, and which you can see in various parts of Portugal, if you can, don’t miss it, for the concert but also for the memory of those who gave everything for our freedom and democracy.

Names of the “anonymous” people who bring the concert to life

  • Albina Fernandes
  • António Ferreira Soares
  • Arajaryr Campos
  • Aurora Rodrigues*
  • Belmira Gonçalves
  • Benedicto Garcia Villar
  • Branca Carvalho*
  • Celeste Caeiro*
  • Fernando dos Reis
  • Fernando Giesteira
  • Francisco Miguel Duarte
  • Francisco Sousa Mendes*
  • João Arruda
  • Jorge Alves
  • José Barneto
  • Luis e Herculana Carvalho
  • Maria dos Santos Machado
  • Padre Alberto Neto

Upcoming concerts already scheduled

  • 16 Mar – TIME – Portimão Municipal Theater
  • 06 Apr – Cine-Teatro Joaquim de Almeida (Montijo)
  • 19 Apr – Fafe Theater-Cinema
  • 20 Apr – Vila do Conde Municipal Theater
  • 24 Apr – Cineteatro António Lamoso (Sta Maria da Feira)
  • 26 Apr – Sobreda da Caparica (Almada)
  • 27 Apr – Theatro Gil Vicente (Barcelos)
  • 01 May – Olga Cadaval Cultural Center (Sintra)
  • 21 Sep – Cine Granadeiro (Grândola)

See photos from the concert at the Teatro Tivoli BBVA

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