REDUNIQ supports businesses with new card payment solution

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REDUNIQ, the largest national network for accepting national and foreign cards, has just launched REDUNIQ Easy, a new solution that aims to facilitate the acceptance of card payments in small businesses. With this novelty, the Portuguese acquirer reinforces its strategy of supporting the digital transition of the national economic sector.

At a time when digital payments are increasingly the preferred method of payment for consumers, REDUNIQ decided to develop a product adapted to businesses that, until then, do not yet have any type of digital payment solution, allowing them take advantage of a simplified and low-cost card payment solution, in this case a payment terminal that allows the acceptance of the international Visa and Mastercard brands, with transactions already included (50 transactions or €1,500 per month), and without membership costs or loyalty period. In the event that the merchant exceeds the transaction limit, the terminal continues to operate, with a fixed rate of 2.25% per transaction.

Among the advantages of REDUNIQ Easy is the inclusion of DCC technology, which allows foreign customers to pay by card in their home currency. Adherent merchants now have access to a merchant area, where it is possible to consult transactions, financial documents, and other information to better manage payments.

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