Reevo is new the electric bike without hubs and spokes

Reevo claims to be the electric bicycle of the future, featuring an innovative design. As a bicycle, Reevo is equipped with pedals, but the differentiating element is the engine with a power of 750 W.

For Europe, cyclists have to settle for the 250 W, so that the vehicle complies with the maximum speed limit of 25 km/h. To power the electric motor, whose purpose, at least in Europe, is to help the cyclist in the steepest starts or climbs, Reevo assembles a battery in the frame, which can easily be removed and taken home or to the office, in order to be recharged.

The bike also has LED lighting integrated into the wheels. Both the headlight and the tail light are switched on automatically thanks to precisely placed sensors. Even though the company has released small details, we know that it comes with a 48V battery that takes three hours to charge.

Equipped with a fingerprint anti-theft system and a mobile phone holder, to serve as a navigation system. The hole in the rear wheel still serves to carry a mini backpack, which is a luggage compartment and can be attached to the fixed rim.

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