Religious fanaticism in the play ‘The Martyr’ premieres at the Teatro de Almada

The impact of fundamentalist thinking on contemporary society is one of the themes of Marius von Mayenburg’s play ‘The Martyr’, which the Almada Theater Company opens on Friday at the Joaquim Benite Municipal Theater in Almada.

With the staging of the director of the CTA, Rodrigo Francisco, the play follows the course of a teenager created by a divorced mother, who ends up converting to religious fanaticism.

The piece addresses a true ideological war, which will oppose this young man to his biology teacher, the only person who is close to him and who will contradict his arguments.

The play of Marius von Mayenburg is thus developed as a reflection on the struggle against the radicalization of youth, remembering that fanaticism is not only a religion.

‘Martyr’ speaks of the dangers that arise when the ‘Holy Scriptures’ begin to be read to the letter. The text gains relevance in the face of the imminence of attacks by Islamic fundamentalists, perpetrated around the world.

Despite not analyzing the effects of this violence, the piece focuses on its causes.

What will make a young Westerner take refuge in a set of anachronistic principles, originated by a literal reading of the Old Testament, and at a time when moral, ideological, and family values are in crisis? What does society have to offer to the younger generations, who are increasingly uprooted?

What is the role of the school in shaping the citizens? Is the saying “politically correct” the best way to deal with fundamentalism? Will this teenager need a couple of snaps or a hug?

These and other questions are dealt with in the play written by the playwright born in Munich in 1972.

Graduated in ancient German, Marius Von Mayenburg moved to Berlin in 1992 to study dramaturgy.

In 1998, he was part of the artistic direction of Baracke, the experimental room of the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. In 1999, he moved with Thomas Ostermeier to the Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz, where he still remains as a resident playwright and playwright.

In 2016, the CTA debuted its play ‘O Ugly’, directed by Toni Cafiero.

‘The Martyr’ will be on stage in the Experimental Room of the Joaquim Benite Theater until December 16, with shows from Thursday to Saturday at 9:00 p.m., and on Sunday at 4 p.m.

They interpret André Albuquerque, Ana Cris, Inês de Castro, Ivo Marçal, João Cabral, Pedro Walter, Tânia Guerreiro and Vicente Wallenstein.

With the translation of Manuela Nunes, the piece has scenography by José Manuel Castanheira, costumes by Ana Paula Rocha and drawing by Guilherme Frazão.

On November 24, December 1, 08 and 15, there will be conversations with the audience about the play, in which actors and the director will be present.

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