Religious tourism entitled to its own online platform

Turismo de Portugal launched an online platform dedicated to religious tourism, which aims to position Portugal internationally as a destination of spiritual and cultural enjoyment, announced today the Secretary of State for Tourism.

“We have just launched a new platform,” The Paths of Faith “, where we started to have our resources related to religious tourism in various dimensions”, which corresponds to “a way of positioning the country” in a market that has “a great capacity for growth, “said Ana Mendes Godinho.

The webpage, “anchored in the themes of the Marian Cult (Paths of Fatima and Altares Marianos), Camino de Santiago and Judaica Heritage”, for Portuguese and English, will be available soon in French, Spanish and German as well. the ruler.

“It is a process under construction” and “a way to communicate this country, which is an ecumenical country, where regardless of religious people feel welcomed and feel good,” he explained.

Ana Mendes Godinho’s statements were on the sidelines of the Macau Global Tourism Economy Forum which ended today and brought together more than a thousand participants, authorities and leaders of private companies from various countries of the world for two days.

The Secretary of State affirmed that “a bet on religious tourism” is being made, an effort that is interspersed with the new program of the capture of major events for Portugal at the level of filming and that is materializing, for example, with the Shooting a film about Fatima.

“At the moment we have a great international film to be made in Portugal, Italian and North American co-production, precisely dedicated to Fatima, with [actor] Harvey Keitel”, and that “it will also be a very important moment in terms of positioning and of international affirmation of Fatima, “he argued.

This is an investment from Portugal to continue, in an approach to promoting media tourism, he said, giving an example: “We will be present on November 14 at a fair in Shanghai [China], precisely to capture international filming.”

Religious tourism has seen an increase in tourists from South Korea, the Philippines and the United States, while the markets of Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Canada and Poland and Israel, whether in connection with Fatima or related to Jewish heritage.

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