Renato Junior publishes “Uma Mulher Não Chora” with solo interpretations of 16 female voices

Renato Junior’s CD: A Woman Doesn’t Cry, in a Sony Music edition is already in stores. There are 16 songs whose music is totally authored by Renato Júnior who also performs it on piano. The lyrics and interpretations belong to many different personalities of Portuguese culture.

The 15 poems (the last track is an instrumental) are signed by Marina Ferraz, Sophia de Mello Breyner, Tiago Torres da Silva and Renato Júnior himself.

The performers, as the title of the album suggests, are just women and names, many of them with credits established in Portuguese music:
Ana Codfish, Cristiana Waters, Joana Almond Tree, Katia Warrior, Kiara Timas, Luanda Cozetti, Lucia Moniz, Maria Joao, Mili Vizcaino, Patricia Antunes & Patricia Silveira, Rita Redshoes, Simone de Oliveira, Sofia Escobar, Soraia Tavares and Viviane. Two of the themes also feature Shout and one of them from Biru.

A disc with a unique melodic, poetic and interpretive beauty. If the radios do not pass these themes then something serious is happening on them. This is certainly one of the best albums of 2019, and congratulations to all the players. Of the 15 songs sung 13 are in Portuguese, one in Spanish and one in French. How salutary the predominance of Portuguese and the absence of English that already saturates in many works of Portuguese singers!

Alignment of a Uma Mulher Não Chora:
1.Vou – Rita Redshoes 2.The Day That Comes. Ana Bacalhau 3.Queria – Lúcia Moniz 4. Absence – Maria João, Shout & Biru 5.Goute a Goute – Viviane 6.For Her Skin – Soraia Tavares 7.When Love Dies – Kátia Guerreiro 8. Forbidden Passions – Patrícia Antunes & Patrícia Silveira 9.La Noche De Ayer – Mili Vizcaino 10.Balleless Revolver – Joana Almond 11.More Love Songs – Simone de Oliveira & Shout 12.A Overflowing – Cristiana Waters 13.My World (You Are) – Kiara Timas 14.The Life I Want – Sofia Escobar 15.Cantade I Miss You – Luanda Cozetti 16.Silence Of A Look (instrumental).
All 16 themes are performed at the piano by Renato Júnior.

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