Repair services grow 71% in 4 months

The confinement caused a rush to the equipment arrangements, generating a turnover close to half a million euros between March and July 2020, an increase of + 71% compared to the previous year, revealed Fixando, after analyzing 12,000 orders placed at its platform between January 2019 and July 2020.

The arrangements for washing machines (+ 389%), TV’s (+ 306%) and the technical support service (+ 200%), form the ones that most supported the rise of this type of service in the period in question.

Other services:
  • solar panels (+ 150%)
  • security equipment and alarms (+ 113%)
  • air conditioning and ventilation (+ 84%)
  • printers and photocopiers (+ 84%)
  • computer repairs (+ 74%)
Most in demand districts:
  • Beja (+ 840%)
  • Évora (+ 613%)
  • Portalegre (+ 567%)
  • Vila Real (+ 517%).

This demand even led the leading company in Portugal to hire local services to create a new category of services – ‘Repairs’.

“This abrupt growth in online repair services is a reflection of the increase in the time that Portuguese people spend at home since the beginning of the pandemic”, explains Alice Nunes, responsible for Business Development at Fixando.

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