Research by Fixando shows that social isolation motivated home remodeling

The social isolation motivated by the Covid-19 pandemic is encouraging changes in people’s daily lives. With more time at home, at least 35% of Portuguese people renewed some of their home address during confinement.

The reasons for these renovations were mainly the desire to make the space more comfortable (50%), the need to reorganize the house due to teleworking or telescope (35%) and the desire to change the space around it (25%) .

The data are part of the survey carried out by FIXANDO, carried out from 06 to 18 July 2020, with 1,500 consulted. Research also shows that each renovation cost about € 1426. The spaces chosen were the bedroom (32.5%), the living room (12.5%), the garden (12.5%) and the balcony (12.5%), followed by the office (7.5%) and the terrace (7.5%).

Regarding the modernization in the future, 67% of the interviewees stated that they intend to renovate the house in the coming months, with expenses of around 1680 €. The divisions that will have interventions are the bedroom (31%), the living room (27%), the kitchen (20%) and the bathroom (17%).

With the priority of people to seek more comfort and well-being within their homes, for this year, 68% say they will stay home on vacation, choosing not to travel in 2020.

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