Researchers launch database on dance and performing arts

A data platform on dance and performing arts, created by a team of researchers from the Institute of Ethnomusicology, will be presented to the artistic community on Wednesday in Lisbon, told the project’s coordinator.

TerPsiCore – Dance Database and Performative Arts is the name of this new platform, named after the Greek dance muse, according to project coordinator Daniel Tércio.

The platform, which is already active online, “is aimed primarily at people working in the dance field, researchers, artists, producers, programmers and all those interested in body issues,” said the official.

According to the professor of the Human Motricity Faculty of the University of Lisbon, the new database has been developed in the last decade together with students and, since 2013, “the perception that it already had an important dimension that could be shared with the artistic community in this area “.

The Institute of Ethnomusicology is a research centre with nuclei in several universities. The core is in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the New University of Lisbon, and the pole dedicated to music and dance functions in the Faculty of Human Motricity.

Daniel Tércio said that the database presents an important set of documents about creations, choreographers, press articles, dancers, critics, and iconographic documents such as posters, postcards, photographs and videos, among other information.

Although it is already available at, “it is in the process of improvement, and in the future, it will be possible for cultural agents to access and directly share information.

We want, with the formal launch of this database, that artists and cultural agents give us their feedback, contributions and suggestions,” said the coordinator.

The TerPsiCore project – which in ancient Greek means “one who delights in dance” – is funded by the Institute of Ethnomusicology: “We tried to get other support, but so far it was not possible,” he lamented in statements.

Daniel Tércio underlines that “all archiving processes and their accessibilities have public purposes, namely the valuation of intangible heritage and provide multiple sources for scientific research.

The launch of the TerPsiCore platform – Data Base for Dance and Performative Arts is scheduled for Wednesday, at 6:00 pm, at the Alcantara Space in Lisbon.

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