Residence explores “Sentimental Journey”

The choreographer and dancer Francisco Camacho conducts, as of May 10, in Setúbal, an artistic residency in which he reveals different views of the city through stories and experiences of the community.

[dropcap]“S[/dropcap]entimental Journey”, to be carried out with the support of the Setúbal City Council, focuses on a reflection and visual investigation of various places in Setúbal, based on stories and statements from the community. The dancer Francisco Camacho points out that the idea of ​​travel as a physical movement is at the center of the action. “It is a project that allows me to travel to the places without having the feeling of being just a tourist, of having superficial and fleeting knowledge of the places where I am.”

This contact with the territory envisages the participation of people from Setúbal, over the age of 18, with no professional experience, but with an interest in experiencing the incursion on stage with the support of the renowned dancer and choreographer.

Anyone who accepts the challenge is asked to respond creatively to simple proposals on elements that define local culture, thus contributing to the enrichment of the dancer’s creativity. The work, established taking into account the characteristics of each participant, does not require a trained body.

Participants may eventually be asked to use their voices, but always in a simple approach, with no obligation to memorize long texts or to have theatrical skills.

The result of this artistic residency debuts on July 8, at A GráficaCenter for Artistic Creation, installed in the former Armazém de Papel do Sado, within the scope of the third edition of MAPS – Exhibition of Performing Arts in Setúbal.

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