Residents of the Fundão village will be actors in a play

A group of inhabitants of the village of Lavacolhos, in Fundão, will be protagonist of the play “Filhas do Monte”, in an unprecedented experience that constitutes a tribute to the people and Serra da Argemela, which burned last year.

The show is presented on Tuesday, August 14, at 10:00 pm, in Lavacolhos River Beach and has the peculiarity of only one of the cast members not being resident in this village of the county of Fundão, in the district of Castelo Branco.

The initiative came from Joana Rasgado and Paulo Barbosa, a natural couple from Lisbon, who is implementing a rural tourism project in that locality.

Both with connection to the theater, decided to create a play that involved the local community and that could “provide something new for people and create new dynamics and activities beyond everyday life and routine,” as Joana Rasgado, the play’s director.

The challenge was readily accepted: “They have embraced the idea in a wonderful way and with enormous enthusiasm. And since then, they have given immense and grown tremendously.”

The piece was written by Paulo Barbosa and gives body to one of the legends of the Serra da Argemela, constituting a tribute to this mountain so often flung by the flames, as well as the local people, with particular emphasis on women, who are in great piece.

“We wanted to give women a leading role, to recognize the role they have and that is not always remembered,” says Paulo Barbosa.

In “Daughters of the Mount,” there is still room for the “heroic deeds of the people who extol the earth” and the “fantasies that have cradled the generations past and these,” all without forgetting the earth icon (the hype) present through the participation of the Lavacolhos Bomb Group.

The show has free entrance, but it integrates a solidarity component, reason why, who can wish to give a donation to help in the acquisition of a vehicle of fire fighting for the village.

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