Resistência in the night of Love dazzle Lisbon

Coliseu dos Recreios - "Montepio às Vezes o Amor" Festival

Resistência took Portuguese music to the Coliseu dos Recreios, in concert at the Festival “Montepio à Vezes o Amor”, on Valentine’s Day, and as you would expect it was fantastic when they celebrated their 30th anniversary.

With the first part in charge of O Gajo, who rocked and heated up the room for the heads of Valentine’s Day, see our report, the audience that almost filled the room, received this band of yours with much applause and affection since the first chord.

The concert opened with a video that recalled the band’s journey and remarkable moments.

Resistência > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews_> 2022.02.14

Fado” by Heróis do Mar opened the concert, followed by “Sete Naves”, original by the GNR, but of course Xutos e Pontapés, Delfins, Zeca Afonso, Rádio Macau, Quinta do Bill, Madredeus, Pedro Ayres Magalhães, Santos and Pecadores, among other successes, by so many Portuguese authors and bands that followed one another, with the audience singing, applauding, living each song.

They also thanked the public, for the presence of the public in the concert, when they celebrate 30 years, conjugating this celebration with the day of love, they also affirmed, the great happiness of being able to be on stage again.

Resistência > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews_> 2022.02.14

Olavo Bilac, also recalled that the Delfins are going to get together for a series of shows, one of the most popular rock/pop bands ever, before performing, “Aquele Inverno“, a song that talks about several wars, and that apparently returns to be a very topical issue, with the tensions that exist at the moment in eastern Europe.

Fernando Cunha remembered and thanked all the musicians who founded and passed through Resistência, who did so much for the project, being responsible for the success of Resistência, Pedro Ayres de Magalhães, Dudas and Fred Mergner.

Resistência > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews_> 2022.02.14

Zé Pedro was not forgotten and it is always a renewed pleasure to hear “Não sou o Único” by Xutos e Pontapés, the concert ended with “Nasce Selvagem” and Olavo Bilac entering the stage holding the Portuguese flag, in a celebration in music, of the poets and of Portuguese musicians, in a fantastic and memorable concert.

Resistência initially had names such as Pedro Ayres de Magalhães, Fernando Cunha, Miguel Ângelo and Tim, but names such as Fernando Júdice, Yuri Daniel, Fred Mergner, Dudas, Alexandre Frazão and Olavo Bilac joined this musical adventure. ‘Palavras ao Vento‘ in 1991, was the debut album, ‘Mano a Mano‘ in 1992 and ‘Ao Vivo no Armazém 22‘, the last album of this super band, are iconic records of Portuguese music.

Resistência > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews_> 2022.02.14

Today members of this project are Alexandre Frazão on drums, José Salgueiro on percussion, Fernando Júdice on bass, Mário Delgado on guitar, Pedro Joia on classical guitar, Tim and Fernando Cunha, on classical guitar and vocals, Olavo Bilac and Miguel Ângelo on vocals.

Concert setlist

  • Vídeo
  • Fado
  • Sete Naves
  • Cantiga de Amor
  • Se te Amo
  • Vai sem Medo
  • Traz outro Amigo
  • Liberdade
  • Aquele Inverno
  • Deitar a Perder
  • Perigo
  • Timor
  • Esta Cidade
  • Prisão em si
  • Circo de Feras
  • Só no Mar
  • Um Lugar ao Sol
  • Não voltarei a Ser F
  • Chamaram-me Cigano
  • A Noite
  • Não sou Único
  • Amanhã é sempre Longe
  • A Gente vai continuar
  • Marcha dos Desalinhados
  • Nasce Selvagem

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