Restaurant Oh! Sorte promotes art exhibition

With the idea of ​​combining art with gastronomy, the contemporary Pizzeria and Restaurant Oh! Sorte promotes an art exhibition in its facilities until the 6th of November.

The event will feature works by artists from different parts of the world, such as the Portuguese Sandmann Corte-Real, the Brazilian Paulo Pacheco and the Spanish Mário Abad, among others. In the theme of Illustration and Painting, Sandmann Corte-Real plays with various materials, including paper, wood, fabric, acrylic paint and even coffee, to bring his art to life that permeates expressionism and surrealism.

The Brazilian Paulo Pacheco, in turn, expresses himself through various types of plastic expressions, in a showcase of paintings of strong and singular objects that are usually neglected and that come to life in his artistic productions. Xana Boarotto, artist and interior decorator, recycles materials that others had thrown away creating unique pieces that never replicate.

Other works that will be on display at the Oh! Sorte restaurant are by Mario Abad and Francesco Paolo Giunta. Abad enriches the event with his works inspired by renowned architects and artists such as Pedro Friedeberg, Mathías Goeritz, Esté, and Escher, culminating in a very unique style located between geometry and architectural language, with optical details that make his pieces unmistakable.

The Italian Paolo Giunta, on the other hand, challenges the limits of contemporary art by seeking to encourage debate about the role of the artist and his relationship with the environment and his audience.

On October 5, Thursday, the place will also have a musical night that promises to bring the best of music from the talent of Brazilian musicians Udi Fagundes, on tour in Europe to present their new work EP UDI, and Afrogame.

The event coordinator is the Brazilian actor and director Ronan Horta, with more than 20 years of artistic career and participation in major productions of successful TV Globo in Portugal, such as Malhação, from Rede Record and in several films. Next to Ronan, and guaranteeing the success of the night, is Marcella Klimovicz, a fashion producer and one of the most important cultural agitators of the night in Rio.

Located at Rua da Alegria, no. 20, Pizzeria e Restaurante Oh! Sorte, which holds the “Clean & Safe” seal by Turismo de Portugal, is committed to promoting cultural activities that comply with all current safety and hygiene measures so that Lisbon residents continue to support art and culture in a calm and responsible manner.

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