Dona Maria Restaurant presents new menu

filled with autumnal and very traditional flavors

With the arrival of the new season, the desire to experience more traditional and cosy flavours, in the style of typical traditional Portuguese food, also arrives.

Cockle and tomato patties with watercress sauce, Coriander cream with chipped cod, poached egg, chorizo bread crumbs, Sauteed cabbage with asparagus, olives and egg yolk nest, Grilled squid with roasted potatoes, courgette duet and Carrot with citronella emulsion are some of the new dishes that chef João Vieira created and which are now available on the new menu at Dona Maria at The Lodge Porto Hotel.

Taking emblematic dishes and giving them your own interpretation, making them original and always with a touch of traditional Portuguese cuisine is the objective of chef João Vieira, responsible for the kitchen at Dona Maria. Keeping in mind the autumnal flavours and ingredients of the new season, but without ever forgetting the traditional essence, the menu begins with the starters: Scallop Carpaccio with tropical fruit tartare and mango vinaigrette; Suckling pig croquettes with Asian salad and lime mayonnaise and cockle and tomato patties with watercress sauce. If you prefer to start with a soup, you can also try the Coriander Cream with flaked cod, poached egg, chorizo bread crumbs or a creamy tomato soup with roast beef heart and francesinha.

For the main course, and also for the more adventurous, the chef suggests the Risotto with crab, prawns, saffron and lime. If you prefer a good fish dish, you can always opt for the braised octopus, with sweet potatoes, roasted figs, shrimp, sea asparagus and coriander foam; the typical Zé do Pipo cod or grilled squid with garlic and lemon truffle, chives, roasted tomatoes, red onion and pepper coulis. For meat lovers, you can opt for the Tomahawk, with sautéed greens and rustic fries (to share); Duck rice in the old Portuguese style with leg confit in thyme and orange reduction or even with Mirandesa-style veal steak, onions, sautéed greens and mashed potatoes. The new menu also includes rice options in the pan. Among the options, sea bass rice with cockles, peppers and coriander stands out; Stockpile of prawns and pennyroyal; Milk goat cataplana in a wood-fired oven, potatoes, musk and chestnuts from the bottom of the Lapa and also the typical low-temperature veal with smoked sausage rice and rosemary.

Finally, for dessert, the new menu features the chef’s interpretation of the pastel de nata with cinnamon ice cream and salted caramel sauce; a Vintage Port wine savarin, with Serra PDO cheese and apricot from Alqueva; Pumpkin lava cake, with orange carrots confit in spices and homemade bitter almond ice cream; stuffed cordovil olives, madral olive chutney, Mirandela 1st press olive oil pudding and extra virgin olive oil ice cream with Galician olives and lemon and also the discs of honey cakes and chocolate mousse with fleur de sel, chocolate ice cream and roses, coffee sauce and cardamom.

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