Restaurante Dona Maria takes us to the essence of Portugal

Located on the bank of the Douro River, THE LODGE – Wine & Business Hotel, recently opened its doors in Vila Nova de Gaia, fitting in perfect harmony with the privileged view to Invicta, projecting itself on the historic roofs of the wine cellars of the Port.

In this luxury unit is Dona Maria, a restaurant focused on traditional Portuguese cuisine, recreated with the best products in the region, and set at the table in its true essence.

Dona Maria is not just another traditional food restaurant. It is the culmination of the best dishes of national gastronomy. It is the essence and the Portuguese soul on our palate. It is the mirror of traditions and history.

Inspired by Infanta Dona Maria, at the request of whom the first Portuguese cookbook was compiled to accompany her on her trip to Naples. Dona Maria presents tastes proposed by Chef Ricardo Simões, which recall the flavors of the recipes of the various “Donas Marias” that created the Portuguese gastronomic wealth.

The restaurant’s wine cellar has a capacity for 3,500 bottles of wine, and currently has 300 references from north to south of the country, including islands, including some champagne options.

In addition, about 50 wine references are available by the glass. The connection to the Douro region results in a greater incidence in the wines of this area, but the wine essence that inspires the space integrates the culture of wine and vineyards from all over the world. As in the entire hotel, at Dona Maria, wine is a permanent presence.

The General Director of THE LODGE – Wine & Business Hotel, says Our guests will have the opportunity to enjoy multiple exclusive experiences, which will provide them with greater knowledge in the wine area. They can also participate in wine tastings, events and dinners, “workshops”, or simply sip wine by the glass. Moments and events where wine always assumes the main role, always accompanied by gastronomic dishes that create trips and sensory challenges.”

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