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Return of Formula 1 to Portugal under discussion at Eleven Sports

Yesterday’s F1 Eleven counted with the participation of a special guest: Paulo Pinheiro, administrator of the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve (AIA), who was chatting, Live on Eleven Sports Facebook, where he assumed the will to receive, this season, a Formula 1 Grand Prix, even though he admitted that, for now, nothing is closed with the promoter of the F1 world championship.

The administrator of Autódromo Internacional do Algarve (AIA) – Paulo Pinheiro, was the special guest of F1 Eleven yesterday, Live on Facebook at Eleven Sports, where the central theme was the return of F1 to Portugal. Regarding the confirmation of having an F1 GP in Portugal, Paulo Pinheiro said that “There is nothing confirmed. We will try.

About preferential dates Paulo Pinheiro said that “We prefer a date as late as possible in the European competition calendar, in October and not in September, and if there is a Grand Prix in our country, we will have all the usual events: F2, F3 and Porsche SuperCup ”.

Regarding the possibility of just being a date for this year or for more years, the administrator of the AIA said that “What is on the table is just a race for this year, there is only no conversation for races in later years“.” Our intention is, managing to sign a contract for this year, that the race goes well, be an exemplary race at all levels and that will allow us to have a chance in years to come

Even without confirmation of a GP in Portugal, Paulo Pinheiro shared that “Today we received almost a thousand emails from abroad asking for the ticket purchase link, even without asking the price. It is interesting to see that there is a huge hunger for F1 in Portugal, both from Portuguese and foreigners. ”

About the conditions of the asphalt Paulo Pinheiro said that “It is not perfect, it is acceptable. It was inconceivable to have a Formula 1 race with the asphalt as it is. We have to put new asphalt, we have to allow time for the asphalt to heal, for when they come here to have the grip. It means that the circuit will have to be used throughout the month, before a race so that it has grip, so that it is smooth and so that any small corrections that need to be made are made in due time, because everything has to be perfect, otherwise there is no point in getting involved.

As for the presence of the public, Paulo Pinheiro confided that “Whoever is going to do a race for the first time, wants to have an audience. The main factor is the race to have an audience. I have no idea if it will be possible, but I am working hard for it“.

Regarding the payment of fees, Paulo Pinheiro assumed “We have had contacts with Liberty for some time. A run usually costs 30 to 35 million euros. With these values ​​it is difficult to happen here, however good the circuit and the country are. We will not pay a fee. ”

In conclusion, on the eventual holding of an F1 GP in Portugal, the AIA administrator guarantees that “the Portuguese can dream”.

The interview can be seen in full on Eleven Sports Facebook or heard in Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Castbox, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud and Spotify.


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