“Egoísta” magazine honors “Maria”

new christmas edition

Owned by Estoril Sol, “Egoísta” celebrates its 75th edition with a new issue launched in the middle of the Christmas season. The magazine that with 94 awards is the most awarded in Europe, honors “Maria”.

The name may reveal a Christian inspiration and refer to the spirit of the times, but it is also an aggregator of the feminine universe, symbolizing all women”, underlines the editor, Patrícia Reis.

On the cover, “Egoísta” pays tribute to all the women who have ever participated in the magazine: plastic artists, photographers, writers, essayists, photographers, journalists, politicians, and poets. This edition opens the doors to various reflections and counts on the collaboration of Rodrigo Prazeres Saias, João Murillo, Maria Teresa Horta, Afonso Cruz, Pedro Teixeira Neves, Maria do Rosário Pedreira, Inês Pedrosa, Maria João Martins, Patrícia Cruz, Tomás Castro Neves, Xavier Pereira, José Eduardo Agualusa, Tatiana Salem Levy, Richard Zimler, Marta Duque Vaz, Yvette Centeno, Maria Manuel Viana, and Daniel Blaufuks”, explains Patrícia Reis.

In the intro to this new edition, Mário Assis Ferreira, Director of “Egoísta” writes in the editorial:
Her name was Maria and in her name, all the women in the world could fit.
God created her in her image, in the image of our Mothers.
Women’s Mothers are the mainstay of who we are.
Sublime in delivery, extreme in love, omnipresent in pain.
As if motherhood were a divine incarnation.
As if God were a Woman!

In yet another collector’s edition, the “Egoísta – Maria”, like the others, is to be kept. Readers of “Egoísta” magazine can find it for sale at Clube IN at Casino Estoril and Casino Lisboa. “Egoísta” also has a subscription campaign available at

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