“Egoísta” magazine launches new edition inspired by Christmas

At the height of the celebration, the magazine “Egoísta” has just launched a new thematic edition, precisely inspired by “Christmas”. Owned by Estoril Sol, the magazine that with 94 awards is most awarded in Europe, it meets again in this special season with its readers, distinguishing itself, once again, for the excellence of its portfolios.

In a special edition, “Egoísta” comes to the Christmas theme with proposals of different content and recovering some memories. Ana Bárbara Pedrosa and Ana Margarida de Carvalho bet on fiction, as do Filipa Martins, Isabel Rio Novo, Plínio Fraga and the singer-author Márcia, who is accompanied by a work by the illustrator Rodrigo Prazeres Saias. This is a time of sharing and poetry occupies a prominent place with poems by Tolentino de Mendonça and Ary dos Santos, in the latter case we chose to associate it with a photographic portfolio that recalls Christmas and the opening of the Berlin Wall in a way to allow family members of the designated two Germanys to meet. Augusto Brázio, Toma Valčiukaitė, and Ian Berry sign the photographic portfolios in an allusion to the festive season. And Carla Graça tells us love stories in different family formats. Tomás Castro Neves invites us to enter his home through a set of illustrations. Finally, Margarida Palma presents seven artists and an unusual project”, reveals Patrícia Reis, editor of “Egoísta”.

Mário Assis Ferreira, Director of “Egoísta” writes in the editorial of the “Natal” edition: “There were multiple – perhaps excessive – the editorials in which I focused on the concept of Christmas. But concepts, due to exhaustion of approach, are consumed in words, just as some words vanish into emptiness. Hence, the paradox: what I lack in words, I make up for in memories. And the memories last, like a spark that illuminates us throughout a life sown with so many Christmases…

Behold, when December comes, all Christmases are repeated and they are all different. In common, there is the Nativity scene, the Christmas tree, the hypnosis of lights, the laughter of children, the gifts of Santa Claus, the gifts shared in conventional retribution, the evocation of memories that inhabit us in a Christmas dinner. Differently, there is the asymmetrical experience of those who compromise with the “paganization” of a Christmas party and the reflection of those who evoke the liturgy of its meaning, the depth of its essence, the exaltation of love for others, the appeal to human solidarity. Different, still, is this Christmas that is reborn from the scars of a pandemic that bequeathed to us the lack of affection, that left us orphans of hugs and absent from sharing”.

Let us live, therefore, this reborn Christmas with the joy – or devotion – of an augury of circumstantial happiness, woven in the memory of a past, in enjoying a present, in the hope of a better future. Happiness that, being so fragile, even allows the fantasy of imagining that the joy, in the child’s ingenuity, is equal to the happiness of reliving childhood in the evening of life. For Christmas is not a date: it is a state of mind that shelters in the heart, that grants us tolerance, that teaches us forgiveness, that inspires our conscience. As if the tolerance of forgiveness was a Christmas to happen on any date. As if the heart, poured out in good conscience, were a perpetual Christmas. Even if the world were not what exists, but what can happen!…”, concludes Mário Assis Ferreira.

In yet another collector’s edition, “Egoísta – Natal”, is like the others, it is to keep. Readers of “Egoísta” magazine can find it for sale at Clube IN at Casino Estoril and Casino Lisboa. “Egoísta” also has a subscription campaign and is available at

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