Ribeira d’Ilhas hosts the 3rd stage of the MEO Surf League

starting from friday

Everything is ready for the Allianz Ericeira Pro, the third stage of the MEO Surf 2024 League, the 1st division of Portuguese surfing, which takes place from Friday on the mythical right sides of Praia de Ribeira d’Ilhas.

A stop that could prove to be preponderant for the national surfing title counts, where Tomás Fernandes and Teresa Bonvalot present themselves as leaders and holders of the Go Chill yellow lycra.

With a lot at stake in the World Surfing Reserve, Allianz Ericeira Surf is approaching in leaps and bounds and expectations are high for another clash between the national stars competing in the MEO Surf League.

In this way, the competition framework is already known, which gives the prospect of emotional clashes in the opening rounds of the competition.

Allianz Ericeira Pro

Highlights Men’s Competition Board
Heat 4: Afonso Antunes x Eduardo Fernandes x Henrique Pyrrait x trialist
Heat 6: Francisco Almeida x Sebastião Ramirez x José Champalimaud x Miguel Blanco
Heat 14: Arran Strong x Rafael Silva x Francisco Alves x Rodrigo Costa

Highlights Women’s Competition Board
Heat 2: Carolina Mendes x Constância Simões x Beatriz Costa x Camilla Kemp
Heat 3: Teresa Bonvalot x Miriam Julião x Camila Cardoso x Eva Luna

Among the many surfers who will be competing, the Allianz Ericeira Pro will feature Afonso Antunes and Concha Balsemão, two young surfers who have already proven themselves at national and international levels and who both represent the local club.

Concha Balsemão, currently number 11 in the women’s ranking
“For me, Ericeira is a magical place, due to the power that nature transmits and all the good energy of the place. The Ribeira D’Ilhas wave is iconic, but, for me, the most beautiful thing is sitting in the lineup and seeing huge mountains full of vegetation, full of life, with the combination of the power of the sea and perfect waves. All of this for me defines the wave of Ribeira D’Ilhas. It is a privilege to have a wave like this in the MEO Surf League. I’ve had many good times in Ericeira, I have many good friends, who are almost family, in this incredible place. Therefore, for this stage, I go with a feeling of home, of family. I really want to reach the podium in this championship, but, more than that, I want to make the most of this wave. I want to have fun and unleash my surfing and I know that if I do that the results will come. My ambition for the circuit this year is to rediscover myself as an athlete. I want to take advantage of this opportunity to compete again after two years without putting on competition lycra. I want to challenge myself and never stop evolving as a surfer and as a person. I know that competition is tough, but it gives us all discipline to reach our best. With this, I would like to thank you for allowing us to compete in our country and creating a platform for the evolution of surfers. May we all continue to evolve together.”

Ribeira d’Ilhas ©Jorge Matreno/ANSurfistas

During the first day of the Allianz Ericeira Pro, the Amar o Mar initiative, led by the Jerónimo Martins Group, will feature the participation of around 100 children from schools in the municipality of Mafra in dynamics in favour of sustainability and ocean protection.

Are you familiar with the Jerónimo Martins Group’s publications dedicated to sustainability? The Be The Story website tells success stories or stories that promote change on topics such as responsible use of plastic, combating food waste, the environment and healthy eating. Feed Magazine, the Group’s corporate magazine now with a renewed website, also dedicates much of its content to food, society and sustainability.

In the 3rd stage of the MEO Surf League, the parallel prizes Best Wave (best wave of the stage), Bom Petisco Girls Score (best score exclusively dedicated to women), and Go Chill Expression Session (best manoeuvres for men and women) are also up for grabs, the Waversby Round (best sporting performance in round 3), the Waikiki Junior Award (best junior surfer in competition) and the Ericeira Best Surfer (best local surfers).

Before the surfers take action on the waves of Ribeira d’Ilhas, the public has the opportunity to be part of the Allianz Ericeira Pro by choosing their favorite athletes and participating in the Fantasy Surfer of the MEO Surf League.

Fantasy Surfer – Place your bets at
Stage Winner Prize: Rip Curl Search GPS 2 Watch
Team formation deadline: call time on the first day of the race

On television, the Allianz Ericeira Pro can be followed live on Sport TV, as well as on other official channels: MEO’s Facebook page, the blue button on the MEO remote control, at and social networks at @ansurfistas.

The MEO Surf 2024 League is organized by the National Surfers Association and Fire!, with the sponsorship of MEO, Allianz Seguros, Somersby, Bom Petisco, Go Chill, Corona, Waikiki, Rip Curl, sustainability partner Jerónimo Martins, the local support from Mafra City Council and technical support from Ericeira Surf Clube and the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

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