Ribeira will have a new Museum of Port Wine

The new Port Wine Museum will be inaugurated on March 5, in a refurbished facility in Ribeira do Porto, with a new concept and gathering several objects from the collection of the Chamber before “scattered in different poles“.

The information was forwarded to Lusa in a response from the local authority explaining that the transfer of the museum to this municipal building of Rua da Reboleira was used for a “reformulation of the concept” of space, which now “shows the importance of local power in the regulation of the wine trade “.

The Port Wine Museum, one of the nuclei of the City Museum, has been installed since 2004 in the Cais Novo Warehouse, in the Massarelos area, and according to the website of the municipal company Go Porto, the process of moving to Ribeira was started in 2016 and “represents an investment of more than 128 thousand euros”.

“In this new space, it is evident the importance of Local Power in regulating the wine trade in general and Port Wine in particular and highlights three categories of municipal officials who, over the centuries, have handled wine, almotacés and sealers), describes the municipality.

According to the chamber, “the secular function of the city government in securing its supply is unfolding in the functions of obtaining, storing and distributing provisions” as well as “decision and inspection” in several respects.

In this regard, says the municipality, there were “categories, type of sale, places of unloading and sale, transport, circulation, hygiene, vendors, vessels, standards of measures and price fixing.”

The new space “gathers, systematizes and values several objects belonging to the municipal collection and related to the theme, but which were spread across different poles“, clarifies the autarchy.

These objects were, so far, in municipal reserves, in the Municipal Historical Archives of Porto, Municipal Public Library of Porto and property of the Câmara do Porto in deposit in the National Museum Soares dos Reis.

The website of the municipality describes that “the commercial aspect of Port Wine – that is its strong connection to the city – is the focus of the new Museum of Port Wine that has its inauguration scheduled for March 5.

“Located in the building of Rua da Reboleira, where the CRAT – Regional Center of Traditional Arts, in front of the river and in the heart of the Ribeira and of the Historic Center, the museum took a disruptive stance. is facing ‘another museological space on the Port, the river or the region of Douro,’ he says.

According to the Chamber, the new museum complements “the existing ones, namely in the IVDP [Institute of Douro and Port Wines], in the cellars of Gaia and Alto Douro “.

At the same time, “it introduces a different narrative about this product, focusing on the role of the municipality in the business and in the municipal collections associated with the theme.

Maintaining the ultimate goal of promoting and promoting Port Wine and its history, the equipment intends to underline the importance of Local Power in regulating the wine trade,” he notes.

According to the website of the company Municipal Go Porto, the “main works” of the project aimed, “besides endowing the Port Wine Museum with the necessary infrastructures for its operation, to rehabilitate the city’s architectural heritage by promoting its development“.

On that page, it was indicated the completion of the work for August 2018.

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