Ricardo Gonçalves makes his solo debut with the instrumental album Dreamin’

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No Words Left, a solo and independent project created from the musical mind of Portuguese artist Ricardo Gonçalves, is preparing for an innovative year with the release of his first instrumental album, “Dreamin’“, and the video for the first single, “New Horizons“.

With important influences such as Thom Yorke, Hans Zimmer, Max Ritcher, Thomas Newman and many more, as well as the cities where he lived such as Lisbon, Barcelona or Seoul, Ricardo Gonçalves produced No Words Left as an instrumental, artistically expressive, and adventurous project, capable of broadcast your wildest dreams in highly imaginative music.

About No Words Left, Ricardo says: “I will never forget the night I started playing the piano. It felt like time had stopped and the sound of the keys aroused a vast wave of emotions within me. I let go and let my soul guide my hands to touch. Since then, I’ve wanted to create a personal project to produce instrumental music that resonates with the wide and complex emotions of our soul.” And he adds: “My music makes me dream, and my dreams make my music. So for my debut album as No Words Left, I appropriately called it “Dreamin’”. I combined vivid, visceral soundscapes and evocative arrangements to create 14 atmospheric, dreamlike melodies for listeners around the world.”

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