RichFellaz – Single “Preciso de Falar” now available

Richfellaz is the name of the musical project that brings together 3 friends [Buehcys and Hipots on vocals and Mr. Elijah on guitar] that edited the single “Preciso de Falar” in January 28th.

Preciso de Falar” is a theme that talks about a relationship between two people in which the parties are not in tune. According to Buehcyseverything is beautiful at the beginning… then come the flaws and features. The vast majority of relationships are lazy relationships, which let things go until someone gets fed up. Like the old phrase “they only appreciate when they lose”. real shake-up needed! We can never take something for granted, and we all need to feel love, that’s what makes us live, it’s our everyday fuel“.

When questioned by Buechys as to whether the theme is autobiographical or inspired in any case, the artist replies that “both. each one of us. Different cases, but the same situations“.

In fact, this situation was certainly even more present in our lives with the confinements to which we were subject or the impossibility of doing what we have always done in our relationships. Buechys, said, “Of course we do! Completely! Many have suffered from this instilled distance. If there is no chance to take care of and maintain what we fought to have, the most certain is in the end we end up with a handful of nothing. But if we see at On the positive side, confinement has also helped bring together many relationships, new and old, that just needed more time together.

About the existence of other Richfellaz singles planned for this year. Buechys confesses that “we have 3 more themes in the oven, ready for this year 2022 that will be a success!“.

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