Riopy live at the Museu do Oriente

in February and presents a new album in April

French-British pianist and composer Riopy, who has a concert scheduled for the Museu do Oriente, in Lisbon, on the 18th of February, has just announced a new album, “Thrive”, the fourth to be released internationally by Warner Music.

The new work, which is inspired by masterpieces of classical music, will be released on April 14 with the first single, “Nocturne” debuting on streaming platforms last Friday.

Meanwhile, on March 10th, Riopy’s music can also be heard on Lana Del Rey’s long-awaited new project, “Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd“. The singer adapted one of Riopy’s instrumental pieces for her new album, yet another unmistakable sign of the reach and appeal of her creations.

Riopy started playing the piano at an early age, but was completely self-taught as a composer, not starting formal studies until much later. His music crosses the rigor of minimalism, the lightness of pop, the inventiveness of jazz, and the drama typical of film compositions, in a unique hybrid that has earned him a distinct organic growth.

Riopy signed with Warner Classics and debuted in 2018 with a self-titled album followed, in 2019, by the release of “Tree of Light“. And what is absolutely extraordinary is that, in a natural and organic way, this album gained strength over the course of 71 weeks until it settled, already in January of this year, at the top of the new age and classical music charts on Billboard, a reflection of a growing and devoted audience that already has more than 600 million streams on digital platforms.

His music is particularly appreciated as an accompaniment to meditation and is a huge hit on the Calm app. A true phenomenon, therefore. “Bliss“, an album he released in 2021, further reinforced the success of the pianist who has worked a lot for film and television with his evocative music having already been associated with box office hits such as Danish Girl or Shape of Water as well as in some of the most successful advertising campaigns of major brands.

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