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Rita Onofre participates in the Festival da Canção with “Criatura”

Rita Onofre, singer and songwriter, presents her new song “Criatura“, which competes in the 2024 RTP Festival da Canção edition. On February 3rd she takes to the stage at Musicbox in Lisbon for a live concert.

Criatura” is the name of Rita Onofre’s new song. After the release of “hipersensível” in 2023, her first full-length, the artist returns to publishing with a song about liberation and overcoming, an ode to conquering oneself through writing.

“The creature is a ritual of liberation in song. It’s about being great. It’s discovering that you’re great. Sometimes I write to remember, and this came from a first demo called “Letter to Me”. The theme was becoming clearer and clearer in my head, and suddenly I was writing about a child who lived in a constant state of alertness and fear, but who felt an enormous peace whenever he began to write poems, and then songs. How to create takes away the tightness in the chest and the lump in the throat. It’s a superpower that I now carry with me”, Rita Onofre tells us on the topic.

The theme “Criatura” is part of the batch of 20 songs in competition at the Festival da Canção 2024. Rita Onofre, who will perform her theme, will take the stage in the second semi-final of the competition, on March 2, trying her proposal artistic guarantee a place in the final of the Festival da Canção, which takes place on March 9th. The winning song will represent Portugal at Eurovision 2024 taking place in Malmö, Sweden.

Even before the Festival da Canção, it will be possible to hear and see Rita Onofre live in Lisbon, in a very special and unique concert at Musicbox on February 3rd.

Writing songs, exorcising the emotions that are trapped in the body, and co-creating with those who teach her about art and life. This concert is a journey through the “hypersensitive” long-term, an album of confessions, raw honesty to match the sensitive and emotional production of Choro and NED FLANGER, but also some new and unreleased themes by Onofre.

On February 3rd, Rita Onofre takes the stage with a trio of guitars with NED FLANGER and miguele and guests (Elisa Rodrigues, LEFT., Ana Claudia, among others), to undress and re-arrange the songs that have illustrated the last three years. An intimate format, to get close and hear what is hidden beneath the skin.

Rita Onofre is the name of the 27-year-old artist and composer, born in Oeiras, for whom a life making music was a certainty from an early age. She picked up the guitar at the age of 10 under the influence of her father who decoded the guitar intuitively. At 12 she began writing her first songs and taking guitar training with teacher and singer-songwriter Ricardo Reis Pinto. At the age of 15, she entered the professional Music Production and Technologies course at the ETIC Professional Image School, ending with an internship at the Groove Farm studios in Rome, Italy. She takes her first voice lessons with Joana Espadinha, where she opens her horizons and realizes that it is at the Luiz Villas-Boas Jazz School that she should continue her path. She finds inspiration and new horizons in the Artistic Studies course at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lisbon, which ends in January 2020.

At the age of 16, he started with SEASE, an indie pop band with Choro and Gonçalo Vasconcelos with whom he stepped onto the first stages and entered national underground radio (Vodafone, Antena 3, Oxigénio, TSF). It was during the pandemic that he began publishing songs in Portuguese under his name. “Haja Semper” (2020) was the first single followed by others that were included in two collections: “Ao Pé de Mim” on Vodafone Unreleased 2020 and “À Porta” on Novos Talentos Fnac 2021. The good reception and support from the radio stations’ national channels (Antena 3, Vodafone FM, Oxigénio, TSF, Renascença, among others), were part of the motivation to launch the first short, EP “Raiz” in 2021.

The debut in the long-term format was in February 2023 with Hipersensível. There are ten hypersensitive songs, from the lyrics to the arrangements, from the voices to the confessions. “Perdoei” and “Rancor” were the singles chosen.

The album Hipersensível was preceded by a year of collaborations: in 2022 he released “Sonhar”, a duet song with singer Elisa Rodrigues; “Se Tem Tempo” in collaboration with Yanagui; participated in “Volume I”, the debut album by the collective Avalanche, where you can hear “Neblina” (with Sara Cruz and Luar); and edited “CORPO” (with Choro and NED FLANGER).

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