Rita Redshoes unveils new single Rosa Flor

Rosa Flor” is a love poem set to music, in which Rita Redshoes sings open-heartedly for her daughter, Rosa, having the generosity to share this intimate moment, lulling us in her tenderness, strength, and talent.

With lyrics signed by the artist and the authorship of the song shared with Bruno Santos, “Rosa Flor” is the name of the third single from Rita Redshoes‘ long-awaited new album, “Lado Bom”, the most personal album of her career, scheduled for release September 24th, just a week ago today.

After the first single “O Amor Não é Razão”, a theme in which Rita Redshoes embraces humanity, and even beauty, which exist in fear, shame and uncertainty, she shared a second single, “Contigo é Pra Perder” in partnership with Camané, that evokes the universal need we all have to love and be loved back, and now reveals “Rosa Flor”. There are three themes that open the door to his fifth album of originals, which will be the first written in full in Portuguese.

With four released albums, “Golden Era” (2008), “Lights & Darks” (2010), “Life is a Second of Love” (2014) and “Her” (2016), Rita Redshoes made her solo debut in 2008 in the Atomic Bees and, as an author and interpreter, she has added collaborations with David Fonseca, The Legendary Tigerman, Noiserv, GNR or Fernando Tordo. She has also collaborated on numerous award-winning soundtracks for theater and cinema, having even released records in this area. September 24th adds another piece of good taste to her record collection.

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