Rita Rocha presents live her debut EP, “A Miúda do 319”

Teatro Sá da Bandeira, Porto and Capitólio em Lisboa

Rita Rocha, the “girl from 319”, opens her door to us for the presentation concerts of her first EP. She takes the stage at Teatro Sá da Bandeira, in Porto, on the 15th of June, and at the Capitólio, in Lisbon, on the 17th.

The young artist from Maia released her debut EP, “A Miúda do 319“, on the 17th of March. That same day, her first single, “Mais Ou Menos Isto”, reached the platinum single mark.

In this work, Rita has two important partnerships: Bárbara Tinoco sings in the song that gives the title to this EP and Carolina Deslandes participates in “O Meu Lugar”, one of the songs of the EP in which she also signs the lyrics.

Rita Rocha, just 16 years old, made herself known to the Portuguese public in 2021 on The Voice Kids. In 2022 she took to the main stage of MEO Marés Vivas, in Gaia, and went through Festival F, in Faro. This year, she was the featured artist on MTV Push, where she made two versions of two songs from the EP-“Outros Planos” and “A Miúda do 319”, which lends the title to the EP.

The artist is preparing a concert that goes far beyond the presentation of her new EP. We can expect the revelation of some new songs and, even, versions of musicians that she admires, among other news to be announced soon.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, tickets place of sale, price, and availability.

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