Rita Rocha presents today the new single “Judo”

At just 15 years old and after debuting on the main stage of the MEO Marés Vivas Festival, in front of a huge crowd of people, Rita Rocha edits today her new single, Judo. The song is now available here and on all digital platforms.

Judo, produced by Agir and Carolina Deslandes, is the second single by Rita Rocha and the successor to ‘Mais ou Menos Isto‘, the artist’s debut theme, which received a warm reception from the public and critics and is a short step away from of becoming a gold single. In this new theme, Rita addresses the perception she has about love and relationships, revealing that she understands that all relationships have their highs and lows, whether short or lasting and thus, as in judo, it is necessary to participate in two.

Rita Rocha has a profound interpretation, much older than her age. In ‘Judo‘, we witness again the quality of her songs and the soul and depth that she puts into her interpretations.

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