Rita Rocha edits today the debut EP “A Miúda do 319”

After having edited the single ‘A Miúda do 319’ yesterday, Rita Rocha launches today her debut EP of the same name, which has 6 tracks. Listen to the EP here.

‘Decide-te’ and ‘O Meu Lugar’ are the new revelations of the EP after the artist has already presented ‘A Miúda do 319’ with Bárbara Tinoco, the radio success ‘Outros Planos’, ‘Judo’ and the award-winning debut single with Platinum, ‘Mais ou Menos Isto’.

The ‘A Miúda do 319’ is Rita Rocha herself: “each one of these songs represents a part of who I am”, she says. The songs talk about the intensity of feelings in adolescence and about a Rita who “lives in excess of the future, even if she says no”, in her words.

2022 was Rita Rocha’s breakthrough year. The young artist from Porto performed on the main stage of MEO Marés Vivas, having also been through Festival F, and saw her debut single reach platinum.

After working on The Voice Kids, Rita Rocha created a strong connection with one of the most relevant artists in Portuguese music – Carolina Deslandes – who participates in one of the tracks on the album. ‘O Meu Lugar’ is the result of a partnership between the young woman from Porto and her mentor, who also writes the lyrics for this and other songs on the EP.

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