Rita Vian presents “CHAOS’A”

Tivoli BBVA Theater

The Portuguese singer presented yesterday, to an audience of fans and friends, her new EP, “CAOS’A”, in a concert stripped of any “accessory“, in which only the electronic “bass” that “even the walls made dancing” and Rita’s voice stood out in an almost dark room and stage.

Rita Vian works her voice and composition in a broad spectrum between electronics and tradition. Fado is a very important chapter in her artistic expression, as well as urban music is the other face of the artist.

Branko’s remix for the single “Sereia” introduced Rita Vian to a wider audience. This was followed by “Purga”, which features a video directed by João Pedro Moreira who collaborated with Buraka Som Sistema, Regula, Dino D`Santiago. This theme was considered by the digital platform TIDAL one of the best songs of 2020, the national song of 2020 by radio RADAR.

Rita was also considered the new artist of 2020 by radio RADAR. “CAOS’A” is the title of Rita Vian’s new EP. The five-track EP is produced by Branko and has the single “Trago”, directed by João Pedro Moreira.

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