Robot soldiers could make up a quarter of the British army by 2030

Drones and robotic tanks are increasingly used by military personnel on their missions. However, in the UK, the look on the robot seems to go further. In recent statements to Sky News, General Sir Nick Carter says he believes that in the 2030s part of the British army could be made up of robot soldiers.

Without giving a guarantee of a date for this to happen, Sir Nick Carter, General of the British Army, said in an interview that he believes that, in 2030 (or throughout that decade), the country’s army will have a quarter of military robots.

Specifically, the general’s assumptions point to robots used on or near the front lines of a particular conflict. This armed force could therefore rely on autonomous or even remotely controlled machines.

The investment in robotic equipment was already something that should have happened, however, it ended up being postponed and there is no forecast for that to happen effectively. In fact, the General took the opportunity to ask the Government to finally move forward with such an investment.

Recruitment into the British army appears to be a problem. The Government intended to see more than 82 thousand soldiers trained, however, this figure was below 74 thousand. Thus, the robots could come to fill this gap or, on the other hand, expand the army, and reduce the dependence on human soldiers.

Despite this idea, the role of a robot soldier was not mentioned. The “killer robots” have been contested for not needing human intervention, unlike drones, which, in fact, need the human decision to attack.

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