Robots that interact with humans may in the future have “ethical accreditation”

Caregivers or capable of giving sexual gratification may in the future have some sort of “ethical accreditation,” an artificial intelligence ethicist said today.

Aimee van Wynsberghe, who chairs the Foundation for Responsible Robotics, said that by mid-next year there should be a “prototype” of a “quality brand” to be applied to robotic products.

Speaking at the Web Summit in Lisbon, he said that ethics is already a concern of companies in the area of artificial intelligence and robotics, as robots are being created for areas that traditionally depend on an “empathic relationship” between humans, such as healthcare and sex.

As technology advances, questions like “Do we really want old people or kids with robotic mates instead of human mates?” or “do we want to provide elderly or disabled support in the form of sexual gratification” using robots?

For Aimee van Wynsberghe, professor of ethics and robotics at Delft Technical University in the Netherlands, “it is the perfect time to investigate other sexual interests, aspects, images and preferences” in the design of sex-driven robots, which are currently dominated by a pornographic culture that uses the female body. ”

He argued that introducing ethics into robotics is not about “banning technology” or “strangling innovation”.

Minutes earlier, on the same stage set up in one of FIL’s flagships, a Swedish company had introduced thousands of people to Furhat, a so-called “social robot” with a schedule that allows it to interact with humans with different faces for different functions.

The size of a bust, the Furhat demonstrated on stage how to teach languages or serve to give directions to passengers at an airport.

Speaking Japanese or asking for a beer, Furhat changes “personality”, gender and face. The robot may even look like a dog and talk like a cartoon character, just by changing the cover that covers the front of the head and in which the face is projected suitable for the function that is performing.

“To create a more humane technology” was the final vote of the monotonous voice of the American accent of the robot Furhat, in a speech to the sound of Vangelis.

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