Rocío Márquez and Bronquio release new album

‘Tercer Cielo’ is the new album that brings together Rocío Márquez, one of the most relevant voices in contemporary flamenco, and electronic music producer Santi Bronquio. The disc is now available on all digital platforms.

Between the past and the future, between memory and desire, there is a zone as fragile as it is rich, a paradise on the threshold. It was in this sacred place that the ‘singer’ Andalusian Rocío Márquez and Bronquio, one of the protagonists of Spanish electronic music, met to create ‘Tercer Cielo’, an album that plunges into the unknown and, in doing so, creates a new language.

The starting point is flamenco. Rhythmic, lyrical and melodic structures of bulerías, rumba, pregón, sigaiyas, tangos, garrotín, milonga, debla, toná, soleá or verdiales are found. Each of these palos is then worked according to different styles of electronic music, such as techno, electro or break. The result is an electrifying collision between the past and the future, which transcends musical genres and which has been named in Spain as one of the albums of the year.

The new album has also garnered enormous praise for its live performance, which can essentially take place in two formats: one for theaters, composed of stagings with artistic direction by Emilio Rodríguez Cascajosa and Juan Diego Martín Cabeza, and another more classic, sung and played , for outdoor performances and festivals.

Owner of a rare voice and virtuosity, Rocío Márquez is one of the most important names in contemporary flamenco and an assiduous presence on the Portuguese stages. Her discography shows her love for the tradition of this genre, but also the need to expand its limits. In 2020, Márquez won the prestigious Les Victoires du Jazz in the category Best World Music Album and since then has performed in several Portuguese cities: Águeda (Festim, 2019), Lisbon (CCB, 2020), Porto (Casa da Música, 2020) , Funchal (Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias, 2021), Lagos (Centro Cultural de Lagos, 2021) and Braga (Theatro Circo, 2022).

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