Rock City opens doors again in 2020 with more attractions and new experiences

-The new Rock City, which will be located at Parque da Bela Vista on June 20, 21, 27 and 28 and for the first time has Galp as the main sponsor, has 14 attraction spaces, including 6 premieres.

-Rock in Rio Kids, Sports Bar, Rock Street Asia, Game District, and VR roller coaster are the first news of this edition, which is more magical than ever.

Rock in Rio 2020: a nova Cidade do Rock!

2020 está quase a chegar! ? 20, 21, 27 e 28 de Junho prometem quatro dias de muitas emoções, experiências incríveis e inúmeras memórias. São 6 novos espaços num total de 14 atrações para viveres ao máximo esta experiência! ??✨?Palco Mundo, Galp Music Valley, Super Bock Digital Stage, Yorn Street Dance, Gourmet Garden, 7UP Slide, Somersby Pool Parties, Área VIP, ESC Online Sports Bar, Game District, Rock Street Ásia e muito mais! #EuVou e tu?Bilhetes já à venda!#RockinRioLisboa #RockinRio2020

Publicado por Rock in Rio Lisboa em Terça-feira, 22 de outubro de 2019

The City of Rock is more magical than ever and brings more attractions, new experiences and a lot of entertainment to what will be the 9th edition of Rock in Rio Lisboa. The biggest music and entertainment event is back in Parque da Bela Vista (Lisbon) on June 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th, 2020, and the first news is already known.
Believing that it is the experience that defines how consumers relate to a brand, Rock in Rio expands the entertainment offering for its 9th edition by bringing new attractions and activities to Rock City, helping to deliver an experience. increasingly immersive, enriching and unique. So, the well-known World Stage, Galp Music Valley, Super Bock Digital Stage, Yorn Street Dance, Gourmet Space, 7Up Slide, Somersby Pool Parties and VIP Area join for the first time a Sports Bar, bringing the excitement of the world. sports into the festival grounds; a Rock in Rio within Rock in Rio, dedicated to the youngest (Rock in Rio Kids); and a block dedicated entirely to the Gaming (Game District) where, in addition to the famous Worten Game Ring arena will be another of the main news: a VR roller coaster (with virtual reality). Rock Street, a space that has already won the preference of visitors to Rock City, is back for another edition, now under the theme of Asia, with more and new experiences. But the news is not over here and the ferris wheel will not be the same. In the grounds there will also be premium spaces with a personalized service, such as Tables and Rooftops.



“We want to celebrate magic, the sparkle in the eyes and the smile on the face. It is the experience that makes us tell stories, share moments and keep special memories. The new Rock City comes full of new experiences, built from the areas of public interest. It will be amazing! ”.
-Roberta Medina, Vice President of Rock in Rio

The main sponsor of the next two editions of Rock in Rio Lisboa, Galp also promises to renew the energy of its territories for the event. All mobility solutions to and from Rock in Rio as well as within the venue are being rethought, as well as the festival’s energy efficiency and generation ecosystem. “We will transport to Rock in Rio the energy that already connects us to millions of Portuguese”, anticipates Joana Garoupa, Galp’s Director of Marketing and Communication. “We are also focused on developing with Rock in Rio unique experiences underpinned by the ‘Today is a good day for change’ campaign. And these initiatives will not be focused solely on the physical presence in the Rock in Rio venue or the Festival period: our goal is for Galp’s association with Rock in Rio to have a year-round lead and create a legacy. with a direct impact on communities and people, ”says Joana Garoupa.


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