Rock in Rio Lisboa opens its doors this Saturday dedicating a minute of silence to peace

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Simone de Oliveira is the personality invited by the festival to give voice to the City of Rock and who on the first day, June 18, takes the world stage to, together with several Portuguese artists, dedicate a minute of silence to peace in the world.

There will be 14 hours of entertainment a day spread over 7 stages, one of which is the Chefs Stage which welcomes Ljubomir Stanisic and several of the chef’s guests twice a day for moments of conversation, and trials, gastronomy, and music. Bruno Nogueira, João Manzarra, Roberta Medina, and Filomena Cautela will be the hosts who, together with the chef, will lead conversations around sustainability.

Combining food, sustainability, and entertainment, Chefs Stage hosts show cookings, debates, and various performances, on a journey through the four elements, focused on the regeneration of the Planet.

Muse, The National, Liam Gallagher, and Xutos & Pontapés, as well as Black Eyed Peas, Ellie Goulding, Ivete Sangalo, and David Carreira kick off the first weekend of the 9th edition of Rock in Rio Lisboa, on a World Stage that will be closed every day to the sound of 7UP Slide on “7UP Rock The DJ”!
Simone de Oliveira will take the stage on June 18, in the penultimate interval of the Mundo Stage, with an appeal: that we use this moment, of reunion, to celebrate peace, joy, and hope for a better world.

The Portuguese personality, who was challenged by the festival to be the voice of the City of Rock, will be joined by several Portuguese artists on stage, namely, Xutos & Pontapés, David Carreira, Selma Uamusse, Titica, Prodígio, among others who are on the poster of this edition, but not only.

In this moment of reunion, the atmosphere must be one of celebration – of life. As difficult as these past few years have been, we need to give peace a chance and use joy to fuel hope for a better future. So we invite everyone to join us, in the clearing in front of the Mundo Stage, for this symbolic moment”, says Roberta Medina, Executive Vice President of Rock in Rio.

Latest news Rock in Rio Lisbon

But the news doesn’t stop at the Mundo Stage and there is another stage in the City of Rock that presented new content, promising to attract a lot of attention – and palates.

It is at the Chefs Stage that Ljubomir Stanisic will perform every day, promising to teach how to “cook the regeneration of the planet”. The Yugoslavian chef will take charge twice a day, welcoming different guests who join him on stage for moments of provocation, conversation, gastronomy, and entertainment, each day dedicated to a different element. This is the case of Bruno Nogueira, João Manzarra, Filomena Catuela, and Roberta Medina herself, who each day will host relevant conversations between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm.

There will be show cooking shows, from 8 pm to 9 pm, where Ljubomir and Manuel Maldonado will show you how to cook sustainably.

June 18th – AR

On the first day of the festival, it is the actor, presenter, and comedian Bruno Nogueira who takes the stage as host of this space. Air will be the highlighted element on this day, where topics such as climate change, origin, causes, and effects that we will experience in the near-future are the topics on the table. On stage at this very moment will be Filipe Alves, a researcher at CCIAM/CE3C and collaborator in European action-research projects, to help understand how we arrived at this unique moment of emergency worldwide; the Mayor of Lisbon, Carlos Moedas; and the Mayor of Idanha-a-Nova, Armindo Jacinto, both with promising plans and projects to make their cities greener and more sustainable, prepared to debate ideas for a better world.

At the end of the day, Ljubomir Stanisic and Manuel Maldonado go up to the Chef’s Stage to “Cooking without a footprint”. With maximum efficiency in the design, in preparation without waste, and thinking about the origin of the products, the Chefs will not skimp on the taste and show everyone how a kitchen without waste is a kitchen with quality. They are joined by musician Henrique Palhavã, to give sound to the whole experience.

June 19th – EARTH

With the earth as an ecosystem in evidence at Chef’s Stage on the second day of the festival, actor and presenter João Manzarra will host this day, in which he will talk about the (AB)USE of the Earth, touching on topics such as garbage/pollution, Current Agriculture vs Regenerative Agriculture, Soil, Nutrients and We are what we eat.

In this space, Fernanda Botelho, author of the book Uma Mão Cheia de Plantas que Curam and As Plantas e a Saúde, and Alfredo Sendim, zootechnical engineer, agricultural manager, and responsible for the Montado do Freixo do Meio project, propose to respond to several questions and clarify various concepts.

At the end of the day, Ljubomir and Manuel Maldonado return to the stage to cook with seasonal and unconventional products, welcoming Jerónimo Silva, Biochemical engineer, and producer of Simbio bio olive oil, as guests.

June 25th – FIRE

Opening the second weekend of Rock in Rio Lisboa, on a day dedicated to fire, the program and debate will focus on a reflection on the energy needed for the renewal of behavior and consumption habits in our society. The focus is on what inspires the creation of the chain reaction that we want to happen in the world, in the energy paradigm, in real solutions, and in the urgency of their implementation. The objective is to understand how each one is able to bring regeneration to everyday life, to the community, and to the world, is a reflection on how each person is essential in solving this climate emergency.

Roberta Medina, Executive Vice President of Rock in Rio, is the host of this day, which also counts with the presence and views of Artur Mendes, one of the current co-managers of Boom Festival and Being Gathering; Joana Guerra Tadeu, ecofeminist and activist for social and climate justice, creator of content in the area of ​​ecology and social impact and David Avelar, founder of the consultancy for adaptation to climate change.

Closing the day, Joana Moura, an award-winning author with books on different themes in the kitchen/food area, recently specialized in a more conscious and personalized food aspect, takes the stage, followed by Cura, founder of Prehistoriskills, promoter of activities related to Prehistory -history at a National and International level, to give voice to relevant issues around sustainability. Finally, Nelson Flip is the confirmed DJ to let everyone dance in this new space in the City of Rock.

June 26 – WATER

On the fourth day of this regenerative trip, actress and presenter Filomena Cautela is the host of the space.

In a debate about ocean pollution and the consequences it brings to all living systems, the conversation will focus on various topics: from floods to droughts, from melting ice and sea-level rise, to anthropogenic maritime landfills, the increase of its temperature, plastic, maritime transport, and drinking water consumption. Specialists who study our planet from space, who live among waves and extinctions of marine fauna, and activists who fight for the right and sustainable access to clean water take the stage.

Filipe Lisboa, a doctoral candidate in climate change, professional in Earth Observation from space, and Maria Teresa Santos, from Movimento Dunas Livres, a citizens’ movement for the preservation of the dunes of the Tróia – Sines coastline, thus bring to Chefs Stage the discussion on the pressure of climate change on the water cycle, highlighting several points that will influence everyone’s lives in the long term.

Closing the festival in the best way, Bandua, the duo of Bernardo D’Addario (aka Tempura) and Edgar Valente, present the world of Portuguese-speaking electronic pop on this stage and go dancing for everyone on a day that closes this enriching journey through the elements.

Remember that on every day of the festival, Chefs Stage hosts various musical and entertainment moments, including bands from the Brands Like Bands project and well-known Portuguese DJs who close the stage every night, with the project “ROCK IN STORY ” – the history of the evolution of Rock in Portugal, played by the main protagonists. The public will thus be able to vibrate to the sound of sets by different Portuguese DJs, who spread and influenced the music we listen to, from the 70s to today. and resident every night, DJ Cenoura will ensure that no one stays down to earth, sharing the nights with four indisputable milestones in the music world in Portugal: Paulino Coelho, the mythical broadcaster and DJ who performs on June 18th; Carlos Ferreira, resident DJ at 2 Catedral do Rock, on June 19th; Luís Filipe Barros (June 25th), radio and rock star in Portugal, famous for his programs Rock em Stock and Ondas Luisianas; and Bruno Dias, DJ resident of jamaica, which closes the festival, bringing to the City of Rock the soul of one of the most emblematic night spots in Lisbon.

14 hours of experiences

The most radical activity of Rock in Rio is also back in the City of Rock with 7UP, which will debut a unique moment in the famous slide tower, “7UP Rock The DJ”!

In addition to the journey of about 180 meters over the clearing of the World stage, at 14 meters high, during the four days of the festival, after the performances on the World stage, 7UP closes the concerts with a DJ show with 7 minutes of music, broadcast directly from what is the largest tower in Rock in Rio – the 7UP slide tower. These 7 minutes have musical and artistic production by DJ André Henriques and will be accompanied by a show of light, color, soap bubbles, costumes that cross the slide, and giant balls that will interact with the audience – all to ensure that the four nights of the festival are even more unforgettable.

In addition, there is also the PiscaPisca Ferris Wheel, with a total of 24 closed cabins, with air conditioning and lots of fun, themed and highly “Instagrammable”, dedicated to different musical styles and environments (From Dance Music to Latin music, to Rock ‘n’ roll, Pop to Tiro-liro-liro) giving passengers the opportunity to take control of a personalized playlist and compete for prizes, including a car.

ESC Online Sports Bar

With an inviting and impactful scenography, this space will have a bar with several foods and drink options – including the Kids menu -, creating an atmosphere of a true Sports Bar; two ESC Online Stations, where classic games are played, such as Beer Pong, Air Hockey, Foosball, narrated by professional MCs. These spaces are open to all those who want to participate and both players and spectators have the possibility to win exclusive gifts.

The Family Tour is another novelty – an interactive circuit that runs throughout the City of Rock, in which families will be able to enjoy magical experiences and services adapted to children on the days of the festival, namely children’s menus and bathrooms for families.

The route begins as soon as you enter the enclosure and passes through three magical houses – David Bowie, Yellow Submarine, and Sphinx -, scattered around the City of Rock, with several outdoor activities for families. The Galp Backstage Experience will be the hotspot for the youngest ones, where they will feel like real stars as they get their makeup and hair done for a mini photo session afterward.

The experience would not be complete without the partners present in the City of Rock, who will offer countless activities and gifts every day, with more than 30 different options, including the iconic Vodafone sofa; GALP hats, tiaras, and luminous skirts; smartphone cases; temporary tattoos; waist bags; the already famous Sapo plush toys; fans; binoculars; soap bubbles; yo-yo; buoys; power bank; tote bags; among many others. There are also prizes such as a trip to Costa Rica offered by BNP Paribas.

The first two days of the festival set the tone for this edition, full of national and international music stars on all stages of the City of Rock. Muse, Liam Gallagher, The National, and Xutos e Pontapés take to the World Stage on the first Saturday of Rock in Rio Lisboa. On the following day, the Black Eyed Peas, Ellie Goulding, Ivete Sangalo, and David Carreira will liven up the biggest stage in the City of Rock. In Galp Music Valley, with a new concept and a new scenography, bands such as The Black Mamba and Linda Martini, as well as Barbara Tinoco and Miss Caffeina perform. Rock Your Street is also new, with names as different as they are diverse, from Jupiter & Okwess, Bombino and Sara Correia on the 18th of June and Omar Souleyman, Arooj Aftab and Francisco, El Hombre on the 19th, with many animations by street to the mix to give joy to the space. On the Yorn Stage, the talent of the neighborhoods will be illuminated, in the first two days with Vado, Loreta KBA, Ary Rafeiro and 9Miller, and many other emerging talents from different areas. The Super Bock Digital Stage is a truly interactive stage, where some of the biggest phenomena in the digital universe rise, viral names such as Gilmário, Os Primos, and Catarina Miranda, as well as Pedro Gonçalves and Diogo Costa, Nuno Agonia, and Toy! What is already one of the most relevant industries worldwide is once again present at the festival with a new Game Square, where the new Worten Game Stage will be, which will receive some of the biggest names in the national Gaming scene. It is at Continente Chef’s Garden that renowned Portuguese chefs will serve menus specially created for the festival and the biggest summer party returns with Somersby Pool Parties that will liven up summer afternoons, to the sound of several DJs.

Bars and Food

Within Cidade do Rock, it is possible to find several food and drink options in addition to those proposed at Continente Chef’s Garden. Official bars are scattered around the venue and the choice is wide. There are pregos, hamburgers, pizzas, tacos, pastel de Vento, sandwiches, croquettes and snacks, ice cream, as well as a Sogrape bar at Continente Chef’s Garden, a Café Buondi, a bar with different drinks, and a Super Bock 1927 special. there are 23 food outlets, 19 bars, four cafes, and four ice cream outlets.

But there is a novelty that promises, from now on, to win over many fans: Uber Eats will be present during the four days of the festival and it will be possible to order food from various points of sale through the application, inside the enclosure, being picked up at the chosen locations, Whether on Rock Street or Game Square, just place the order and wait for the notice to withdraw the product.

Recommendations and transport

In order to ensure easier and more comfortable access to the City of Rock, so that everyone can arrive and leave the festival safely, the organization of Rock in Rio Lisboa, through its Mobility Plan, presents this edition with the #EuVouDeTransportes initiative. Thus, it invites everyone who travels to Parque da Bela Vista on the festival days to opt for more sustainable alternatives, thus reducing their carbon footprint.

So that no one has to miss a minute of entertainment, the last concert on World Stage ends at 00:30, before the Metro closes, thus ensuring that everyone who prefers this method of transport can continue to do so, without missing the main show.

Remember that there is a lot to see, leaving the Organization the tip to arrive early with the doors opening at 12 pm and the Somersby Pool Parties soon to start, as well as attractions in Game Square. It is also worth visiting the Yorn Stage, the Super Bock Digital Stage, and Rock Your Street.

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