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Rodellus 2019

A festival for those who are not afraid of the countryside.

• July 18, 19 and 20 •
• Ruílhe, Braga •

 Bee Bee Sea (IT)
Italian garage-punk you will want to tune into. These frequencies have such a range that they reach the farthest field.

 Gator, The Alligator (PT)
A rare species of reptile from the recently discovered Cávado on the edge of a high voltage pole. This has resulted in a mutation that gives Gator extremely powerful electrical shocks. Myth? You will know in July.

 Solar Corona (PT)
Launched in Barcelos by the psychedelic entities of the universe in 2012, reformulated in 2016, Solar Corona has since been creating their odyssey by the psyche of those who hear them.

Paraguaii (PT)
This trio came to the ears of audiences in 2014 and has never stopped there. They are psychedelic, tropical, and in July, they are going to be rural.

 Acid Cannibals (UK)
 GoBabyGo (PT)
 Palmers (PT)
 Brutus (BE)
 Unsafe Space Garden (EN)
 Travo (PT)
 Mr. Mojo (PT)
 Mars Red Sky (FR)

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