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Rodrigo Leão presented ‘A Estranha Beleza da Vida’

Museu do Oriente

Rodrigo Leão was at the Museu do Oriente to present his latest work, ‘A Strange Beauty of Life’, after having been in Coimbra and having presented it on Live Streaming, it was the capital’s turn to host another fantastic concert by this composer Portuguese.

After having released ‘Avis’ 2020 and ‘O Método’, Rodrigo Leão returns to dazzle with ‘A Estranha Beleza da Vida’, released last October, the album completes the Liberdade trilogy, which began shortly before the pandemic.

Rodrigo Leão > Museu do Oriente ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.12.04

Rodrigo Leão at the Museu do Oriente was very happy to be able to present his new work, which was done in the middle of the confinement, but was made against the confinement and to forget the bad times we have been going through over these two years.

Rodrigo also had four very special guests, his three children and a friend, Rosa, Sofia and António, and also Manuel, who went to sing several songs from the new album.

Rodrigo Leão > Museu do Oriente ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.12.04

Rodrigo Leão was accompanied on stage by Angela Silva on voice, synthesizer and metallophone, Vitória Valdez on vocals and piano who replaced Viviena Tupikova, who could not be present due to an arm injury, Carlos Tony Gomes on cello and Francisco Garcês who replaced at the last minute João Eleutério, who couldn’t be present, because his daughter was with Covide, on guitar, bass, synthesizer, percussion, Indian harmonium and choirs.

Album themes

1. Friend of a Friend (feat. Michele Gurevich)
2. A Sala
3. Sibila
4. Who Can Resist (feat. Kurt Wagner)
5. 45 Segundos
6. O Ovo do Tempo
7. Voz de Sal (feat. Martirio)
8. Introdução nº 8
9. A Valsa da Petra
10. O Maestro
11. Old Happiness
12. Janeiro 2021
13. Estrela do Norte
14. A Estranha Beleza da Vida

Rodrigo Leão > Museu do Oriente ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.12.04

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