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Rodrigo Leão launches “AVIS 2020”

Nine instrumental themes that return us to the musician’s refuge during confinement and that reflect his creative freedom during that period of time and silence, but also of anxiety and uncertainty.

Avis 2020” is the new work of Rodrigo Leão, a project that mirrors the reality of the months of confinement and expresses the creative freedom of the musician during the period he lived in Avis, in the Alentejo. There are nine original instrumental themes, small elegiac pieces that both expose tranquillity and the pleasant passage of time, as well as some tension, giving meaning to the particular period lived.

With co-production by João Eleutério and Pedro Oliveira, two longtime friends of Rodrigo Leão, “Avis 2020” presents new compositions that deepen the ideas and the sound of “O Método”, an album that the musician and composer released in February this year. year. The EP also presents a new version for “Transporte”, one of the themes included in the album “O Método”.

The naturalness of the gestures dominates the EP “Avis 2020”. The country atmosphere, animals, birds and goats are heard in the music. Feel the footsteps of human beings through dirt paths or through herbs. You can feel the wind and the time passing by, the winter, the spring, the volumetry of the clouds, the nature changing skin, the colours, the shapes, the flowers opening. “The truth is that I had never been in Alentejo for so long,” reflects Rodrigo Leão. “And seeing all this changing, nature changing, was very rewarding, although we are aware and also concerned with what is happening. passed and to know that we were in a privileged situation.

I was fortunate to do the confinement near Avis, with my family and two friends. We were together for two months in this unexpected refuge, a kind of bubble, in which I felt more human and, somehow, happier ”, confesses Rodrigo Leão.“ Only the news woke me up to the harsh reality and everything I did during this singular moment ended up being connected. The truth is that during the last few months I ended up feeling a sense of creative freedom that I longed for ”, says the musician.

It was in this way that small ideas of songs arose through drawings, photographs and short videos that he was sharing on social networks, with pieces of music made spontaneously to illuminate them. Simple things, according to Rodrigo Leão, but capable of stimulating him because they reflected that time and space.

In “Avis 2020”, Rodrigo Leão, gives us his refuge in these contradictory times. As always, in your music, there are no certainties, just the generous sharing of doubts that are diluted in sounds that convey the involvement of those who do not give up understanding.

Avis 2020” has a global edition by BMG on the 17th of July, continuing the partnership started with the publisher on the release of the album “O Método“.

Rodrigo Leão will be at Casino Estoril on August 15th for a new Concert, which you can also see online.

Casino Estoril,
Cascais – Lisbon
and Live Streaming in the LIVEONTHENET Virtual Room
15 AUGUST 2020 | 22H

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