Rodrigo Lourenço releases debut EP, “Aprendiz”, now available

New single, also “Aprendiz”, features lyrics by Fernando Daniel and music by Luís “Twins” Pereira

After having conquered the hearts of the country with his first single, “Amor almost perfect”, a song with lyrics by Marisa Liz and music and production by Tiago Machado, the young Rodrigo Lourenço finally releases his debut EP, entitled “Aprendiz”, now available on all digital platforms.

“For the construction of my debut EP, the songs emerged over time. Songs requested from other composers, others suggested, and even a song of mine, which with some trepidation I risked sharing with the public. These four songs, for me, are the ones that make the most sense to share right now because of the messages they convey. It is an EP about love, which essentially lives on pain and longing, and also on each experience being a learning experience, hence the name ‘Aprendiz'”, explains the musician himself.

To present this EP, Rodrigo Lourenço reveals a second single taken from this EP, also titled “Aprendiz”. The singer who won “The Voice Portugal 2021” had the opportunity to work on this theme with Fernando Daniel (author of the lyrics), also the winner of the same program. The music and production were in charge of Luís “Twins” Pereira.

With lyrics by Marisa Liz and music by Tiago Machado, Amor Quase Perfeito was the first single taken from Rodrigo Lourenço’s debut EP. It also features production, arrangements, and musical direction by Tiago Machado (known for his work with Marco Rodrigues, Boss AC, Mariza, and Mafalda Arnauth, among others).

“For my debut single, I wanted the song to be about something that people could relate to, and when Marisa Liz sent me these lyrics, I immediately knew it was the right song. This theme talks about a love story that ends and the subject of this poem reports the sensations he has when losing that person he loves so much and what it means to him”, explains Rodrigo Lourenço.

The EP also includes a song written by Rodrigo Lourenço himself, titled “Desejo de Voltar”, produced by Tiago Machado, and the theme “Máscara”, also written by Tiago Machado.

On “The Voice Portugal”, Rodrigo Lourenço was proving his talent as a performer and artist. Let us remember the “Prova Cega”, where he interpreted the song “Maldição”, which won over Marisa Liz and António Zambujo, who pressed the button, and the other two mentors even showed regret for not having done the same.

Rodrigo Lourenço was born on December 7, 2004, and grew up in Castelo Branco. From a very early age, he cultivated a deep interest in music, main thanks to his uncle. “Since I was a little boy I remember singing the songs of the band he belonged to, the Alcorrazes, and from then on he saw that I even had some talent and continued to awaken music in me over time”, says the singer.

Currently, her biggest musical influences are Gisela João (with whom she had the opportunity to perform the theme “Louca” in the final gala of “The Voice Portugal”), Pablo Alborán, and Pablo López.

Now he shows what he is worth in his own name with “Aprendiz” and proves how his voice will mark the national scene.

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