Romeo and Juliet by Candlelight at the Ateneu Comercial do Porto

Candlelight, an intimate concert that has already conquered thousands of Portuguese, announces a new exclusive concert in Porto: on July 21st, from 9.30 pm, a String Quartet will interpret Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet by candlelight at the sumptuous setting of the Porto Commercial Athenaeum.

In addition to the interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s piece that inspired the romantic couple Romeo and Juliet, the Russian composer’s Nutcracker and Swan Lake will also be part of this program, which also includes pieces by Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart.

The concert lasts for one hour and the opening of the doors takes place 30 minutes before the start of the show. Tickets can be purchased on Fever’s website or app from €15.00 per person, which varies depending on the type of ticket selected.

In an intimate environment that offers music lovers a unique and exclusive concert that combines the delicacy of classical music with romance and mystery, the Ateneu Comercial do Porto will thus stage another Candlelight concert, a safe, comfortable event that guarantees all rules of social distancing.

Candlelight are instrumental classical music concerts, featuring iconic pieces at an affordable price, while opening up unique spaces of each city’s cultural heritage to the community, as they are not performed in common theaters. This original Fever concept managed to bring classical music to a whole new audience, with 70% of participants under 40 in more than 40 cities around the world.

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