Rota do calcário links natural wonders of the parish of Olho Marinho

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The Óbidos Municipal Routes Network has another route available on the ground. The most recent route, PR13 – Rota do Calcário, takes place in the parish of Olho Marinho, and there you can find the typical houses, the magnificent karst landscapes of the Cesaredas Plateau, fossils, centenary paths, dry stone walls, culminating with the imposing spring and its surroundings.

Margarida Reis, councilor of the Departments of Sports and Health and Well-Being, says she is “very pleased to be able to complete this first phase, one of the great goals of the Obidos +Ativo program”. The mayor believes that “the routes enhance our territory, publicize it and mainly provide the practice of physical exercise in contact with Nature”, having been “an asset in this time of pandemic”, she concludes.

It should be remembered that the Óbidos Municipal Pedestrian Routes Network is a project that has been developed by the municipal program Óbidos +Ativo, since 2018, and which provides for the realization of 120 kilometers of multipurpose pedestrian routes. Its launch took place last October and has the participation of Parish Councils as direct partners in the development and maintenance of some of the routes. The network already has 9 completed routes, a number that will increase shortly.

More information about the Rota do Calcário here.

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