RTP premieres “O Sítio da Mulher Morta”, by José Carlos de Oliveira, on Friday

RTP premieres “O Sítio da Mulher Morta“, by José Carlos de Oliveira, produced by Ricardo Pugschitz de Oliveira, on Friday, the 12th.

O Sítio da Mulher Morta“, “The Dead Woman’s Place”,  inserted in the TREZES project, will debut this Friday, March 12th, at 11 pm on RTP1. From the ambitious collection of telefilms, by the producer Marginalfilmes, inspired by narratives of the great national writers, “O Sítio da Mulher Morta” is the only one of the projects carried out by the producer and director José Carlos de Oliveira.

Based on the homonymous short story by Manuel Teixeira-Gomes (1860-1941), it is an Erotic Novel around the effabulated memory of a female character, and its effect on the warm life of a couple’s routines; the concept of eroticism as an absolute, devastating impulse, a counter-romanticism that results in another romanticism.

It is a story of desire and betrayal, of passion and death, with immense singular beauty, with José Fidalgo, Beatriz Godinho, Hélder Agapito, Patrícia André, Pedro Lacerda and José Neto.

According to José Carlos de Oliveira, Director of Marginalfilmes: “The choice of the realization of” O Sítio da Mulher Morta “has to do with the emotional attraction that Manuel Teixeira-Gomes’ writing exerts on my imagination, namely with regard to Novelas Erotic. In my view, the arts must be provocative; I would say that this was the story I had to film”.

It was a great challenge and an enormous responsibility to carry out an adaptation of such an excellent writer. We want to be able to transport viewers into the narrative, translating them into the behavior of the main characters and making them feel what they are feeling”, adds the famous filmmaker.

Produced by José Carlos de Oliveira and Ricardo Pugschitz de Oliveira, the TREZES project is broadcast weekly, and aims to contribute to the growth and consolidation of the public’s relationship with Portuguese literature and cinema.

The TREZES project brings together 13 great Portuguese authors from the last 200 years, from Alexandre Herculano to Rui Zink, with 13 national directors, bringing to the screen 13 telefilms, each of them about a short story in Portugal’s literature.

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