RTP honors Celeste Rodrigues with documentary

The history of the 65 years of career of one of the most recognized fadistas of Portugal will be transmitted in the television.

Celeste Rodrigues died on Wednesday at the age of 95. In memory are more than 60 years of career that did not remain in the shadow for being sister of the greatest Portuguese fadista, Amália Rodrigues.

On the day of her funeral, RTP broadcasts a documentary about the artist’s career. ‘Fado Celeste’ is the name of the tribute that the public television station will do tonight at 9:53 pm, the fado singer.

The documentary will showcase the stories of Celeste Rodrigues and allow her to see the “joy with which, at age 87, she interpreted her themes marked by their singularity and authenticity.”

“A course of 65 years of career filled with good memories, where the fadista shares the wealth of having lived a lifetime to do what she loved,” reads the statement sent to the newsrooms.

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