Ruben Portinha presents his new album on November 14

Pinhal Novo receives the first presentation of Ruben Portinha’s new album with the presence of an audience.

After the online concert on October 2, the Municipal Auditorium of Pinhal Novo prepares to host, on November 14, the first presentation of the album “Tinha de Arriscar” with the presence of an audience.

On stage, Ruben Portinha will show the 12 songs that make up the new album, complemented with some themes from the debut album, “Realidade“.

“We are looking forward to playing again for an audience, for the people who will be in front of us. The new technologies have brought us an endless number of possibilities and we have also tried to use them in the best way, but nothing can replace human warmth. In addition, the stage is always the ideal place for us to reinvent the songs and give them more life beyond what happened in the studio”, says the artist.

The usual road companions (João Coelho on drums, José Manuel David on keys and Ricardo Duarte on bass), are joined by guitarist Carlos Pires, as well as guests Andreia Baleiras, Inês Trevo and Pedro Vicente.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the current situation, the room will have a maximum capacity of 50 people. Entrance is free and subject to reservation.

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