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Rui Bragança prepares for the semi-finals and secures medal in the World Cups

Rui Bragança has won a medal at the World Taekwondo Championships, defeating the Azerbaijani Gashin Magomedov in the quarterfinals.

The Benfica athlete, 10th in the world ranking, defeated the Azerbaijan, 32nd, by 7-4, in a match that only had points in the third and final round.

In the first round, Rui Bragança defeated the Ukrainian Dmytro Dzandzava, 18-5, then defeated Chilean Jorge Ramos, 57th in the world ranking by 10-7 and Pakistani Haroon Khan 260th for 10 -9, thanks to a kick in the final seconds.

In the semi-final, Rui Bragança will face Mexican Brandon Plaza Hernandez, 17th in the world rankings.

This will be the second medal of Rui Bragança in Worlds, after the silver won in 2011, having in its curriculum of European titles in 2014 and 2016.

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