Rui Fernandes quartet presents the album “A Viola Amarantina”

The musician Rui Fernandes presents the double-disc “A Viola Amarantina” as a tribute to this string instrument originally from Amarante and also called the viola of two hearts due to the two front openings in the shape of a heart.

Creator of original compositions, Rui Fernandes, born in Vila Real, when challenged to practice the viola Amarantina in 2018 ended up dedicating himself to it in order to show that this viola has much more to give to music than just being an instrument. of musical accompaniment.

A Viola Amarantinafeatures 11 original compositions by Rui Fernandes created for this Portuguese instrument, with clear influences ranging from classical music, jazz, country and, naturally, Portuguese popular music.

The double-disc offers two clear listening options: listen to all the songs solo, where Rui Fernandes exposes the sound of this instrument exploring it timbrically or listen in a quartet version for which arrangements were made for 9 compositions and the musicians invited: Pedro Neves, piano, Miguel Ângelo, double bass and Ricardo Coelho, percussion.

The final result is surprising and unique since this work opens a path that has never been done so far, where several styles and many influences intersect and where it is clear that Viola Amarantina, in addition to a “velvety” sound, has an extraordinary versatility and cannot and should not be “hostage” to the label attached to traditional music. It is a Portuguese viola to is useful to world music.


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