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Rui Massena presents his new compositions

  • Music House . June 20th. Thursday . 9pm. Suggia Room
  • CCB . June 25th . Tuesday . 9pm. Large Auditorium

Rui Massena, a Universal Music artist, in 2014 embraced the role of composer-performer, adding to his 24 years of directing orchestras, a need to create his texts, far from the grandeur of the Classics of Orchestral Literature, and inspired by the functional quality of your music: to serve a purpose of tranquillity.

It is present in the program of his music, the ability to inspire a journey, full of emotions, moving away from emotional turbulence, favouring melancholy, memory and dreams.

In his discography we find this search carried out in different formats, and different instrumentations, which ended up giving the name to his first three albums – Solo (2015) – Ensemble (2016) – III (Band Format-2018).

Rui Massena

In the middle of the Pandemic, Massena composed his _20 P E R C E P T I O N_ (2021) an EP, in partnership with the renowned publisher Deutsche Grammophon, as well as his album BAND (2018), signalling his advancement in both the timbral combination between acoustic and electronic instruments, or in the choice of hybrid instrumental geometries.

As he says: “…it is in the choice of instrumental formation that the challenge begins, and it is there that the music gains its identity. With the timbral conjugation of the formation”, and also, “bringing tranquility as the final objective is a healing process for me, of achieving a serenity that allows me to look at the sound, cut it out, and aspire to understand it”.

In the last three years, Rui Massena created a Large Ensemble, a hybrid formation, which functioned as a laboratory for his experiments. Of this experience, he says “it was the freest and most creative project I have ever worked on. If it started with great limits of identity, it ended with the notion that at every moment there is a way out to an alternative world, and that this is possible.” What’s more, “… it was as a community that we overcame the barriers between the various areas of academic training. Each of us felt challenged to step out of our comfort zone. It wasn’t immediate…it took two years for practically everything to be possible.”

Rui Massena, CCB 20201118 © Patricia Rodrigues

On the 20th of June at Casa da Música and on the 25th of June at the Centro Cultural de Belém, Massena will bring to the stage a new project: Piano, Viola de Arco and Cello, a trio that will build a timbral and rhythmic dialogue on stage, to which the composer dedicated himself to understanding and creating music that, as he himself says: “…can resonate with each person listening to us. I hope it brings them comfort, safety and some sensory challenge…”

With a lineup of around 75 minutes, the concert will present new compositions to be published in the second half of 2024.

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