Rui Massena Trio presents an acoustic show in Barcelos

Rui Massena presents an acoustic show, with the special participation of the Conservatório de Música de Barcelos, on September 19, at 6 pm, at Largo Dr. Martins Lima, in Barcelos.

In this concert, the pianist and composer accompany the crystalline notes of his piano on two string instruments, with Nuno Meira and Beatriz Ribeiro, on violin, and Joana Lopes, on double bass, in a passionate six-handed conversation around a composed repertoire by evocative and romantic pieces.

His vast musical experience, which translates into the editing of 3 albums and an EP, and in concerts in the most prestigious rooms indoors and out, gives him a piece of enviable and unique baggage, which translates into a fascinating universe of melodies.

His music is now present in some of the most important playlists in the world of the Modern Classic chain and his name is mentioned among the exponents of a genre that is gathering more and more followers around the world.

In 2021, to mark World Piano Day, Rui Massena was one of the artists chosen by Deutsche Grammophon to be part of a special concert, being part of a truly stellar selection of the greatest pianists that the present has to offer to history, featuring his name alongside contemporary references of the instrument such as Lang Lang, Maria João Pires or Joep Beving.

The paths may be new and challenging, but the conductor, pianist and composer follow them with the same rigor, dedication and passion with which he has always guided all stages of his career, offering his audience with a deep commitment to a music that stimulates the imagination and that always transports those who listen to places of pure beauty.

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